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Wood plank wall inspiration

Well, I predicted that our “January” office project might carry over into February, and here we are, still working on it. We have made progress (the puke yellow color is entirely gone!), but I added a last minute project that created a lot more work! A diy wood plank accent wall! Like this one!


via Table & Hearth

I love wider, painted planks! Stained wood walls are just a bit more rustic than the rest of our house (plus stain grade wood = more money). I love white planks, but since I didn’t want the drywall and planks to be the same color (only planking one wall) and I don’t love lighter accent walls, I decided the planks should be dark grey and the other walls a very light/almost white gray, kind of like the picture above.  I really only like accent walls if there’s a LOT of contrast between the two colors (and if the line where the colors meet is perfect!)


via Table & Hearth

I collected a bunch of paint chips and gathered my paint books, but trying to choose not just one, but two paint colors is so overwhelming! A lot of dark grey plank wall tutorials called for Sherwin Williams Peppercorn. Gorgeous color, apparently used for a lot of accent walls in Pottery Barn stores, but a bit too dark for me.

Then I found this plank wall.


via Jenna Sue Design Co

I love how this room turned out and I love these colors together!


175e0-img_4596via Jenna Sue Design Co

So I decided to squash my desire to over-analyze and got samples of the two colors she used: Valspar’s Ocean Storm and Montpelier Madison White. Easy peasy. I got them color-matched to Behr and painted on my samples, and still love them! Yay! (They don’t look so warm in person. Darned oak floors making them look orangey.)


We’ve also purchased this light fixture from Lowe’s for $89.99, but we’re waiting to install it until we’re done with less fun things, like painting and trim.

Kichler Light fixture - lowes

We are getting much closer! I’ll share more details on our plank wall later (too much for one post.) It’s already installed, and while it’s not painted yet, we’re loving it already!

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20 Affordable Fall Crafts

I LOVE seasonal decor, but my dear husband isn’t too keen on spending lots of money for something temporary, so I’m always on the hunt for ways to make my own decor for free or really cheap using stuff I have on hand, like scrap wood, extra paint, scrap paper or fabric, sticks from my backyard, etc.


Here are 20 of my favorite fall decor/craft ideas this year! Happy decorating!


Give Thanks burlap wreath from Paper Source


Stacked wood pumpkins from DIY Swank


 Brown paper wreath from Simple House Expressions


Antique rake door decor from Better Homes and Gardens


Twig votive holders from Bayside Bride


Giant wood “Give thanks” tags from That’s My Letter


 Pom pom wreath from Two Shades of Pink


4×4 Wooden pumpkins from Simply Kierste


Twig table runner from HGTV.com


Thanksgiving subway art printable from Eighteen25


Square Fall twig wreath from Design Dining + Diapers


Give Thanks blocks from Raising Memories


 Reclaimed wood welcome sign from Fox Hollow Cottage


Coffee filter wreath from Lovely Crafty Home


Fall candle holder centerpiece from Home Talk


 Starburst twig wreath from The Painted Hive


Candy corn wreath from The House of Smiths


Chalkboard Thanksgiving printable from Pretty Organized


Twig and pennant Thanksgiving wreath from Simple House Expressions


 Wooden block cats from Our Clover House

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So much stress over such a small window

So after my last post where I finally revealed the progress in the master bedroom, I’ve regained my motivation and excitement to finish it. Lately it seems I’ve been a bit of a project hopper. Not because I don’t want to finish things, but sometimes (and much to my dismay) other things come up that become a higher priority, like our guest bathroom when we found a crack in the tub. So we started our guest bathroom remodel. But that whole process has taken longer than anticipated because we had a granite mishap that’s still delaying our progress. We’re also trying to make some good headway on our disastrous back yard before the extreme heat of the summer arrives. We just have a lot going on, so project hopping is kind of the norm right now. And since the bathroom is practically on hold, I’ve been focusing on the master bedroom.

Every time we go to a store like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, or JC Penney I can’t help but browse the curtain panel section looking for the perfect curtains for our master bedroom. I keep hoping for something amazing, yet affordable, to jump out at me and scream “Take me home!” but I’m amazed with how many ugly curtain panels exist! Does nobody care about the statement that curtains can and should make in a room?? Aha. West Elm does. Unfortunately for a high price. Most of their panels range from $50 to $100 for 1 panel! Eek. Until these…

Aren’t they beautiful? And the best part? They were on clearance for $29.99 a panel! Might still seem like a lot if you’ve never purchased curtains before…which I hadn’t. So I waited, and debated whether or not they would actually go in my space. I’m not really an impulsive person, either, so buying something right away regardless of the price is tough for me. Later that same day I’d made up my mind that I wanted them. But when I tried to add them to my cart I saw this!

No longer available. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!! I’m still mad at myself over this. I wish it were the kind of situation where shortly after I found something even better or came up with a better idea…but it’s not. If these became available again, I’d buy them. And with no hesitation this time. But instead I’m left reeling over my own stupidity at thinking they’d still be there.

I rallied quickly enough, though, and since I’d already said no to almost every other curtain I’d seen, I decided maybe I should make some…which is odd, considering I don’t sew. But I also don’t want to settle, and I figured it couldn’t get much easier than a curtain panel, especially since I’m going to use curtain clips (so no sewing a rod pocket or tabs). So I started looking online for fabrics. I like Fabric Guru, personally. I’ve ordered from there before (though have yet to use the fabric) and they have great prices, affordable shipping, and lots of options. My first thought was this fabric. It’s a small, subtle pattern than could mix easily with other patterns that are sure to come in the room (a bench, rug, pillows, etc.).

But when I got my sample in the mail, it was white, not grey!! What a bummer. I looked at every chain fabric store, and even visted a local place. The chains have such limited selection, and the locally owned companies are just way too expensive! The cheapest of the 4 fabrics I liked would have made each panel over $80.

So a new plan emerged. Buy grey fabric and stencil it, then sew it into curtains! I found some good examples of stenciled curtains:

Source: Remodel Aholic

Source: Twenty Something

These people both started with white curtains and used colors, but I want to use grey fabric and white paint. Who knows, I may even try to mimic the West Elm curtains that I love. I also like the idea of trying my hand at block printing. But first, I must find the right grey fabric. And I’m guessing this might be harder than it sounds.

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A sliding barn door saga: Inspiration

One day as I was browsing Pinterest I came across a picture of an interior sliding “barn” door. I fell in love with this idea and thought something like this would be a great feature in our master bedroom between the bedroom and the walk-thru closet. These were my two favorite pictures.

Source: Design Sponge

I started looking around and at first thought the hardware would be simple, but we’d struggle to find a door. Wrong! It turns out the specialty hardware kits for hanging sliding doors cost about $400! I looked and looked online for a cheaper place to buy them, including farm and stable supply websites, but couldn’t find them any cheaper. Local hardware stores don’t carry this type of hardware at all.

I had seen some more industrial looking box rails, but I was skeptical until I came across these pictures.

Source: C Designs

I really like the look of this hardware, too, and I most definitely prefer the price. So yesterday we went to our local Do It Best hardware store and picked up an 8′ box rail along with the hardware needed to hang the track and attach the door. The total for the track and hardware came to $92. Yay! Still not super cheap, but understandable for a bunch of pieces of steel, and I was so glad to be done with my search for the hardware. Now to do the real work and hang the door!

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