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Beignets, Paint Chips, and Progress!

Yesterday Adam came and grouted the shower and floor. Since you can’t be on it for 24 hours after, we took the night off last night and went out. We got beignets to go from Cafe Rue Orleans and then went to Mama Carmen’s for steamers. Yum!

To give you an idea of how nerdy we are we also went to Home Depot AND Lowe’s on our date night! That’s our idea of a good time! Then we came home and admired our tile some more (from the doorway, of course).
This picture makes the tile look more yellow than it really is. It’s mostly grey…and sorry for the horribly lit pictures. Not sure what happened there.
To wait the full 24 hours meant we didn’t get to do anything till this afternoon, so now we’re really feeling pressed for time. We want to get the vanity set up by the end of the weekend or Monday night at the latest so the granite guy can come measure. Our tentative deadline for a painted room and a usable shower and toilet is this Friday when my family will be in town.
You might think with having the tile done that we would be ready to paint and start installing fixtures, but we still have lots to do. We need to paint the ceiling before the walls, but mudding and sanding needs to be done before that. We also need to seal our grout, as well a bunch of other things.
As we’re getting closer to the finish line, I’m starting to think about all the finishing touches like towels, art, towel rods, etc. For me, the art was the most stressful part. I feel like most small bathrooms have a small window on the far wall, so then they could put art over the toilet instead. Well we have no window, so I knew something had to go on that wall, especially since it will be the first thing you see from the hall. We want to make something ourselves, but I don’t draw or paint so I decided I want to do some kind of paint chip piece.
I know, I know…everyone’s doing itBut I like it, so I’m going to do it, too. A lot of the ones I’ve seen are a little too modern for my decor, but I really love this sort of ombré and herringbone pattern. And herringbone is classic, right?

I’m going to use strawberries, corals, salmons, pinks, etc to make mine to bring in the accent color from my mood board. Andrew and I got a bunch of paint chips from Home Depot and Lowe’s last night, and I’m excited to get started! But first we need to focus on getting the bathroom prepped for painting. And then paint. Woo.

Also, look what I got in the mail the other day? Yippee!
I ordered this online from Home Depot. Normally a widespread faucet will cost upwards of $150. We like the look of the widespread sooo much better, but we weren’t sure we could swallow the price until we found this one! It’s a great brand, but for some reason it was only $125! I also had a $25 gift card, so the final price came to $111. Go me.
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