About Us

We’re Andrew and Arielle Toburen*, and we love all things DIY! We met in 6th grade in our hometown of Topeka, KS, but not surprisingly there no was no instant connection. We became close friends over the years, but graduated and went our separate ways to college.

After our freshman year, we realized that we were destined to be together, so we took our friendship to the next level. That’s right, a more awkward friendship. Then we started dating. We dated long-distance, and only 7 months after we started dating we were engaged, and another 7 months after that we got married!

We finished out our last two years of college together at John Brown University, and then moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas about 45 minutes away.

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Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we made an offer on a short sale in Fayetteville. After trudging through the short sale process for 4 excruciatingly long months, we landed ourselves a fixer-upper with lots of potential at a bargain price! And boy, do we love bargains!

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We started this blog to catalog our home improvement projects, side DIY projects, and the mischievous adventures of our fluffier family members, Chaucer & Winston.

Chaucer and Winston

We’re not experts in remodeling, construction, interior design, or anything really, but with a little trial and error we’re DIYing our home makeover and learning as we go.

Welcome to our home renovating adventure! 


*Pronunciation, for anyone that might be wondering…

Toburen: like Van Buren, except with a toe in front