Kitchen renovation: The final result

Our kitchen reveal has been a long time coming. Like really long. But I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and have been very sick (and miserable!) so blogging has not exactly been my priority. Not to mention, we jumped right into renovating our master bathroom and closet right after finishing the kitchen. Because who doesn’t want to be in the middle of major renovations while pregnant?! I figured I should share our completed kitchen project before diving into all the deets of our current renovation.

You may remember our kitchen used to look like this:


Horrifying to look back on it now that we’ve been living with our current kitchen for about 6 months. That floor. Oy. If you want a little more background, here are all the kitchen posts leading up to this:

And without further ado, here’s the kitchen now in all its glory!


Those herringbone floors, though!! All the heart eyes.

Here’s what it looked like when we first moved in before we replaced appliances, removed the pendants and bulkhead, etc.



Ugh. So depressing. Over time we made some changes, and it went from that, to this.


But it still had a LONG way to go. Here’s another before:


And after.


We debated whether or not to remove the peninsula for YEARS, but we’re so glad we did! Now it feels so much bigger and more open!


While I generally prefer a wall oven, we decided we just didn’t have room to do away with a range and over the range microwave, and we liked them in the center of this wall, so they stayed put.


But now everything around them just looks so much better!


The change we made with our fridge possibly made the biggest difference, though! Before, our fridge was shoved in this alcove in the corner, blocking a drawer from opening and just generally getting in the way.


We decided to move the water heater so that we could move the fridge down to where our very shallow pantry and water heater closet (which opened into the living room on the other side) were before.


This significantly expanded our “work triangle” of the fridge, stove, and sink/dishwasher. This is what our kitchen looked like before if we opened the stove and dishwasher at the same time. And forget even trying to open the freezer, too.


I didn’t take any pictures, but now you can easily open all 3 and still have room to walk around the kitchen. Not that we often have all of them open, but if the dishwasher is open and someone needs to get in to the stove or freezer, easy peasy!


We also decided to carry our backsplash tile all the way up and down the wall to the right of the pantry for a more dramatic affect. We love how built in our fridge looks, and the cabinet above it is HUGE and the perfect place to store all those bulky, rarely used appliances (i.e. the bread machine, drip coffee pot, fryer, etc.)


Moving the water heater also allowed us to get rid of this very shallow pantry (that melted all of our things because of the warmth from the water heater on the other side of the back wall)…


And upgrade to this HUGE pantry instead! Complete with 3 pull out shelves in the bottom cabinet, and adjustable shelves in the top.


It may look like there’s a ton in there, but really there’s still so much space left at the back of the shelves. Probably my favorite part of our new kitchen!!

But then again, I also REALLY love my new sink and faucet. Check out this before of our sink area, with small dingy cabinets that are too close to the window, the soffit that makes it feel even more closed in, the overmount shallow sink, and that blacksplash. Cringe.


Versus now! Light, bright, and airy. We decided to carry our tile all the way up the wall here as well to create more of a feature. And we love it.


And my sink!! I am IN LOVE. Seriously, it is soooo big, and I can fit so many more things in here. I can even lay a baking sheet flat in the bottom. And we love the grate in the bottom that keeps dishes from blocking the drain and causing water to back up.


We had also gone back and forth about whether to choose rounded corners or square, zero-radius corners for the sink/counter top. We ended up choosing this Kraus zero-radius sink, and we’re so glad! It’s more modern looking, and the corners really are not any more difficult to keep clean.

We ADORE our Delta Touch 2 O faucet. Call us lazy, but now the idea of having to turn on the handle every time I need to rinse off a finger or a dish or get a splash of water just seems so annoying! Hah! Talk about spoiled. But seriously, it is really nice to be able to turn the faucet on with the back of your hand or your arm when your hands are dirty.


Same goes for our countertops. I can’t believe we lived with those off-white dull formica counters for so long! Everything stained, and I was constantly having to bleach them. But our beautiful new LG Viatera Minuet quartz? Non-porous, so I can leave strawberry drips on the counter and it doesn’t turn it pink! I’ve even spilled beet juice, but no stain.


It’s so freeing not to have to worry about getting food on the counter. Kitchens are for cooking, anyway! They need to work hard, and this quartz does just that. Plus we love the marble look. Swoon.

We decided to accessorize with a few other gold accents to match our faucet and cabinet hardware, like this adorable mini bundt pan from my mom. 🙂


We also have so much more upper cabinet storage, which is awesome! Before, we only had one upper cabinet to the right of the sink, and it was pretty much taken up by pitchers and bar-ware.


Now we have 4 much taller cabinets on this side…


Plus a custom bar height cabinet on the other side of the patio door, so none of the bar-ware needs to take up space in the kitchen. The shallower side on the right serves as our liquor cabinet. Once we’re done with other major projects and can spare a moment, we’ll build some shelves for the wall above.


(The shape had to be custom and quite unique here to allow the bi-fold door and dryer door to open. Oh, the perks of in-kitchen laundry…said no one ever.)

And if having 4 upper cabinets instead of 1 wasn’t enough improvement, they’re also extra tall! Since we got custom cabinets, we were able to choose how many shelves they had, so we got another shelf for each upper cabinet to maximize storage for lesser used things.


This seriously gives us so much more room, and means we don’t have to stack dishes to high heaven to try to make everything fit. A lot of our cabinets truly aren’t even full yet, which is probably for the best since we’ll have bottles and kids dishes taking up some of that space before too long!

Ok, ok, so I said the pantry was my favorite, or maybe the faucet or sink or countertops, but this pull out trash and recycling cabinet has changed my life.


Hidden, convenient, and we’re recycling so much more now that we have a bin in the kitchen and don’t have to trudge through the garage every time! How can I ever live without one of these again? See what I mean? I’m ruined forever.

We struggled with whether to put the trash or the stack of 3 drawers on the end, but ultimately decided we wanted the trash can further away from the dishwasher in case the heat would cause it to smell more.


When we have groups of people over, it’s great to have it further away from the work space so they’re not in the way when opening it. We do use it a lot while cooking, but it’s not too far away, and also closer to the laundry, living room, garage, outside, etc. Plus, we like having the silverware drawer (the top of the 3 drawer base) next to the dishwasher for easy unloading.

Before, the opening to our kitchen was so closed off, so the flow was very awkward, especially when using the appliances. We always joked that it was a 2 butt kitchen.


Thanks to getting rid of the peninsula, it’s so much more open, and moving the fridge out as well as rearranging where things are kept (like moving the silverware closer to the dining table and further away from the “triangle”) gives it such a better flow!


It also feels about 10 times bigger! At least in my humble opinion.

We’re so thrilled with how it turned out, and LOVE the layout and finishes we chose. We put tons of thought into this over the 5+ years that we lived with the old kitchen, and spent months before the renovation deciding on and finding the perfect materials, including a lot of collaboration with our awesome custom cabinet guy. After all of our effort and hard work, it is so satisfying to see it all pay off. 🙂


And now on to the next project!

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