Our office reveal

Seriously, it is CRAZY how long this office project took us. It’s embarrassing. But not only did I add a diy wood plank wall to the project, we have also just been busy. So thank goodness, it’s done!! Besides the new furniture/decorating part…but as usual, that happens over time. Here’s what our office looked like a few short long months ago.


And here’s what it looks like after months of laziness + a few days and some random hours of hard work (small room = hard to get pictures of one whole wall):


Yaaaaaasssssss! So cute. 🙂

When we last left off, we had finished installing the planks. After that, we filled the holes, sanded lightly, and brushed on a coat of Valspar pva primer and two coats of Valspar’s Ocean Storm (we did all the horizontal cracks with a small craft brush in between the two coats). We decided to use a brush instead of a roller to give it a more soft, wood-grain appearance. We didn’t want to ruin our smooth wood with roller texture!

Here’s what it looked like in process…notice the edges.


We did our best to cut the planks exactly the right length, but we knew they wouldn’t line up perfectly, which is why we bought plain lattice pieces (sold by the foot in lengths up to 12 feet, I believe) to install along the edges.


Andrew measured carefully and mitered the corners, and then I used a 2″ roller to give them 2 coats of paint. Once they were dry, we used a pneumatic pin nailer to tack them up. The pin nails are even smaller than finish nails (what we use for trim and for the planks), so there are no visible holes to fill and touch up. Seriously, best thing ever!!)


That finishing touch made a HUGE difference. The edges are so crisp and straight. Makes this perfectionist very happy.


We did have a few hiccups along the way, though, one being this light fixture. It was under $100, and I thought it was cute enough. But once it was installed, the corners of the room especially still felt dark since it only allows for 2 lights. I just didn’t love it. Sadpants.


I thought we didn’t have any other good options and figured I’d have to settle (I’m super picky about light fixtures!) Until we found this! UH-MAZING. Meet the Safavieh Great Veil semi-flush mount.


Problem is, this one was $140 (vs $90 for the first), but Andrew loved it, so we ordered it and now it’s probably our favorite light fixture in the house! No, not probably. Definitely.

It has 3 lights so it’s much brighter, and obviously much better quality, too.


It looks really cute on and doesn’t leave the corners feeling dark.


That was definitely a problem before, especially since our light fixture is not centered in the room (the window is, meaning it’s not lined up with that either.) Realized that while installing this one…thanks a lot, builders from 30 some years ago.


I was also worried that the color we chose for the wall might make the room feel too dark, but it really doesn’t. Thanks to the other 3 very light walls and our super-fantabulous light fixture, it feels very bright!


And one of my favorite parts of the room…the closet! No, really, not kidding. I painted it a greenish blue and added a gold metallic triangle pattern. (I cut out a triangle shape I liked from cardstock, marked the corners with a pencil, taped the triangles, painted the base color first to prevent bleed thru, and then 3 coats of gold acrylic craft paint.)


Whoever said closets had to be boring, anyway?


We also redid the shelving. Before, the shelves were put up with random brackets, so we wanted to make the shelves the same as in our guest room and laundry closet –> with wood cleats painted the same as the wall instead of ugly metal brackets. We also tweeked the location of the shelves a bit to add a third shelf at the top. If this ever needs to be a bedroom, we can add a hanging rod and remove the bottom shelf if needed.


I am really happy with how this room turned out. Like all projects, there were a lot of frustrations and it took a lot of work, but I really think it’s turned out great! The only other thing I’m considering is buying a grey outlet and switch plates for the plank wall so those don’t stand out so much (you can paint the plates, but I don’t want to paint inside the outlet. I’d prefer one that’s already grey.)


Though the likelihood of those being visible once we put furniture back probably isn’t very high anyway.


Office: check! Now to relax for a while before we take on something else…or to catch up on neglected spring yard work.

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