Wood plank wall inspiration

Well, I predicted that our “January” office project might carry over into February, and here we are, still working on it. We have made progress (the puke yellow color is entirely gone!), but I added a last minute project that created a lot more work! A diy wood plank accent wall! Like this one!


via Table & Hearth

I love wider, painted planks! Stained wood walls are just a bit more rustic than the rest of our house (plus stain grade wood = more money). I love white planks, but since I didn’t want the drywall and planks to be the same color (only planking one wall) and I don’t love lighter accent walls, I decided the planks should be dark grey and the other walls a very light/almost white gray, kind of like the picture above.  I really only like accent walls if there’s a LOT of contrast between the two colors (and if the line where the colors meet is perfect!)


via Table & Hearth

I collected a bunch of paint chips and gathered my paint books, but trying to choose not just one, but two paint colors is so overwhelming! A lot of dark grey plank wall tutorials called for Sherwin Williams Peppercorn. Gorgeous color, apparently used for a lot of accent walls in Pottery Barn stores, but a bit too dark for me.

Then I found this plank wall.


via Jenna Sue Design Co

I love how this room turned out and I love these colors together!


175e0-img_4596via Jenna Sue Design Co

So I decided to squash my desire to over-analyze and got samples of the two colors she used: Valspar’s Ocean Storm and Montpelier Madison White. Easy peasy. I got them color-matched to Behr and painted on my samples, and still love them! Yay! (They don’t look so warm in person. Darned oak floors making them look orangey.)


We’ve also purchased this light fixture from Lowe’s for $89.99, but we’re waiting to install it until we’re done with less fun things, like painting and trim.

Kichler Light fixture - lowes

We are getting much closer! I’ll share more details on our plank wall later (too much for one post.) It’s already installed, and while it’s not painted yet, we’re loving it already!


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