New year, new project

After 4 and a half years of living here, we finally decided to take on the office for our January project. Tbh, probably a January AND February project since we’re trying to stay involved in other things, too (and not fall of the face of the planet as we often do during projects.)

This is our office. Painted a lovely shade of baby puke yellow, that sometimes has a greenish tinge.


I don’t know who would choose this color, especially with oak floors, but they did, and we’ve had to live with the neon consequences. I actually do use my elliptical pretty regularly, and it’s not fun to stare at this fluorescent yellow for 30 minutes, let me tell ya.


Andrew’s the only one who ever sits in here, though, and with this color, I don’t know how he does it.


Especially with such terrible lighting. As in, outdated and gross. But also, not super bright.


We never bothered to fix this vent, I think because we thought we’d redo this room sooner. So it’s just been hanging by a screw from the ceiling for all these years. We keep it classy around here.


And just like all the other rooms before we fixed them, there are lots of reminders of curtain rods around every window (including painted over hardware.) Like, seriously, how many curtain rods does one window need? One. The answer is one.


And what even is this?!?!


Once other stuff is starting to come together, we’ll have to paint the closet doors. We already repainted this door last fall when we did all of our hallway doors (and replaced the knobs and hinges!), but now the trim looks even more dingy. We’ll get to that, too.


This room is just a hot mess. Which is why we’ve waited so long. The texture on this far wall is so messed up that we decided it would be easiest to add another layer of drywall over it and simply re-texture.


Luckily, there are no door or window casings on this wall that would be affected by increasing the wall thickness, and we had to remove trim anyway.

Now that you have some background, here’s what we’ve done so far! We started removing everything from the room on Saturday a few weekends ago, and then scraped the ceiling the next day. We’ve done both wet and dry scraping, and there are pros and cons to both. This time, to save time and keep dust down, we decided to do it wet.


It certainly goes much faster and takes less effort wet! We were done scraping in about an hour. One downside is that you can’t immediately move on to sanding because the drywall paper needs to dry first. So we took a break and did some binge-watching.


Later that week, we had a friend come over to help us install the drywall panels. Boy, those things are heavy. By some miracle, I was able to help Andrew carry the 3 sheets inside, but there was no way I was going to be useful in getting them on the wall.


And then Andrew began the mudding process. Which is LONG. He’s certainly not a mudding expert (and therefore not quick), but we’ve found that the key for us amateurs is thin layers of mud with lots of sanding in between. Mud and sand. Repeat a million times. Or like 3 or 4.


And just look at that popcorn free ceiling? Isn’t it great?


While he’s at it and has mud mixed, he’s also fixing holes/imperfections on the walls and cracks around the window (often cut out with a utility knife first), divots in the ceiling from screws, and taped edges of the ceiling.


We still have a lot more sanding and mudding to do before we can texture some of the touched up areas and then move on to more fun things, but progress is progress. They say it has to get worse before it gets better, but honestly, I think it’s better already!


Last minute, I decided to add a fun project to this room, so I’ll share more about that another time. For now, we still need to finish sanding, mudding, sanding some more, texturing touch up areas, priming everything and painting the ceiling before we even get to the fun part. Much to do.

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