French provincial dresser turned media stand

This is a project a LONG time in the making. Like so long I’m not going to tell you when I bought this dresser, because it’s super embarrassing how long it sat in the garage untouched. Woops. Sometimes life happens.

I bought this yellowed french provincial dresser at a thrift store near my grandparents’ house in rural Kansas.


I’d been on the hunt for a long dresser like this for a while to replace this media stand in our living room.


The ones I kept finding at thrift stores or on Craigslist were so expensive (even though most were damaged or poor quality!), so when I found that one for $200, I snatched it up.

I sanded the bottom lightly by hand and the top with our orbital sander, primed it with an oil primer (I prefer Kilz Original for interior and Zinsser Cover stain for exterior) since the previous paint was an oil or lacquer, and then brushed on two coats of Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint. I finished it with a couple of coats of clear wax (Johnson’s paste wax.)

We let it cure overnight and then moved it inside!


At first the wall seemed really bare, but then I remembered we had these old windows in the garage so we hung them on either side. I’m not sure if they’re a permanent fixture, but for now they fill the space and don’t feel too heavy. And they were free!!


As far as cheap entertainment centers go, we did really like our previous one. It was far more interesting and modern than most, but it had gotten quite a bit of wear and didn’t really reflect our current style.


Especially with our more traditional secretary, we felt we needed something less modern and a little more transitional.


Another bonus, the wall around it doesn’t look quite so bare anymore. I was always hesitant to put anything up because the shelves of the media center already felt a little cluttery.


And now there’s no room for visible clutter, but more hidden storage! Definitely a win-win for me. I still haven’t filled up all the drawers!


Despite the huge box of sample hardware in our garage, I’m always a fan of keeping original hardware when possible. I also liked the patina so I opted not to paint the handles. And less work for me!


For now, the DVR is sitting on the floor under the dresser, which is not ideal.


We’re hoping to put it inside the space for the top right drawer and install hinges on the side of the drawer front. Unfortunately, since the drawers are curved on the inside, too, we can’t hinge it at the bottom. If we find a way to make it work, we’ll also cut out the back around that drawer to give it more ventilation.

And now, just for fun, here’s what our living room looked like right after our scraping/repainting project.


And now!


It took me a few days to get used to the new dresser (I’ll be honest, I don’t love change), but now I love it! I’m relieved it’s finally done, and Andrew is glad to have the space back in the garage!

Next up for the living room is getting a new rug and reupholstering the brown club chairs. Although, after spending a week at my parent’s house for Christmas with their much larger screens, maybe I need to add getting a bigger TV to that list!

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