On getting my real estate license (and an accidental break from diy)

Unfortunately, this fall we’ve had a very full schedule without much time for projects. It’s always a busy time of year for Andrew at work anyway (which means fewer projects getting completed to blog about). In addition to that, we had a weekend trip to Little Rock, a 5 day trip to Topeka, friends in town two different weekends, numerous other meetings/events, AND (drum roll, please!) I was busy getting my real estate license!! Yep, it’s official. I am now a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arkansas and a Realtor!! Woot!

This has been a many month process. I started my pre-licensing class in September. The class was 60 hours over two weekends (6 ten hour days, Fri/Sat/Sun). Talk about exhausting.

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That first day in class when you see the textbook and huge stacks of law that you’re supposed to know (and get through in just two weekends?!), it’s more than a bit overwhelming. Let’s be honest, that class and studying was pretty much all of September and the beginning of October. LOTS to study. So many flashcards.

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I talked/met with some brokers, and after choosing one and filling out all my paperwork, mailed my certificate of completion to the AREC. After they lost my certificate of eligibility for the exam once, I finally got another in the mail mid-October, scheduled my test, and did nothing but study for 2 days straight. And praise the Lord, I passed! Maybe I was just well-prepared, but it seemed much easier than I was expecting.

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We went out for macarons to celebrate.


After another meeting with the broker to get all those papers signed and mailed in, a trip to the police station to get fingerprinted again after the FBI rejected my prints for “poor quality”, and then another few weeks wait, the AREC finally issued my official license!

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And then it was time to meet with the Northwest Arkansas Board of Realtors, pay my dues, and get access to MLS and all their other great resources…and then do Realtor orientation just a few days later (a full day of ethics and MLS training).

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Another few meetings with the broker and brokerage team, and then a trip to Topeka for Thanksgiving and here we are. When you count up the hours of meetings or classes, it probably doesn’t seem like so much. After all, it was only seven full days total, plus meetings and the test that might make up another day. But for me, it was very tiring studying and stressing about the test, making constant phone calls, multiple trips to the bank for money orders and the post office to mail things (every week it seemed like), scheduling appointments, and sorting through issues of lost paperwork and rejected fingerprints…

As a result, I feel like this fall has been a bit of a blur, but now that all the paperwork and classes are done (until next year, anyway), I’m hoping we can relax and enjoy this holiday season and time with family. And maybe work on a few projects, too. 🙂

And since this is supposed to be a DIY blog, here are some of my favorite Christmas projects from years past. (I’m still using these, too!)


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