Two-tone garage door

I promise this will be my last post about our garage door for a while…hopefully, a really LONG while! We broke our original wooden garage door a few months ago, replaced it with this one, and planned to paint the inset panels grey to mimic the look of our old door.


And now that it’s a bit cooler outside, I did just that!


Luckily for me, this door came primed and painted (and it’s metal, not wood) so it was WAY faster to paint than the wooden door, which needed like 10 hours of sanding, 3 coats of oil primer, and several coats of paint. Ick. I just lightly scrubbed the door with soapy water and our microfiber car washing mitt, rinsed and let it dry, and then got to work.


I was a little bit nervous about getting crisp paint lines because this door is very textured. Obviously, green Frog Tape (yellow is for delicate surfaces) was the only way to go! I applied each piece carefully, burnished the edges (scraping along the edge with a card or finger nail), and then wiped all the edges with a damp paper towel to activate the seal. I was too excited to document with pictures, apparently.


Then I brushed on 2 coats of our exterior paint and removed the tape after the second coat on each panel. (Remember, to avoid peeling remove tape while the paint is wet or after it has cured. Because curing could take up to a week, this method is more likely to damage the underlying surface, so I always remove it within 10-15 minutes of applying the second coat.)


I had tested a small section with this method and it didn’t bleed, but I was still pretty nervous. I had to tape and paint each section (2 coats, no less) without having any idea if it was bleeding under or not! Oh, the suspense!

But thank goodness, no bleeding paint! (And see how much texture?!)


There are a few tiny spots (corners especially) that aren’t completely straight, but they’re so small that even from a few feet away the edges look perfect!


Woo! That’s my kind of project…I can deal with perfect. 🙂

We didn’t mind the door just white since it was at least a more interesting design than most garage doors…


But now it’s so much better than the plain white!


Here’s what our old wooden garage door looked like painted. The trim pieces were thinner and the windows were bigger, so it wasn’t quite as busy looking…but notice how it’s sagging in the middle?


Whereas now there’s a lot of white and grey…but I’m starting to think it looks more bold. Like the old door was saying “Hey there. I’m two colors. Do you think I’m pretty?” and this door is like “Look at me! I’m amazing!” Well, ok, at the very least, I think it looks newer, more solid, and therefore, more expensive.


The sagging of the old door made our house look like it was kind of bowing, too. This one is perfectly straight so the slight bow in the trim above is less noticeable and our house looks more cared-for and less…slopey.


But I really love the comparison from this angle. I loved our old door, too, but…wait for it…


Unpainted new door….


And our finished product! I love it!


I think it looks so nice and way more expensive and custom than your average garage door. Well, probably partly because it was…but also because we searched high and low for the perfect door and put a lot of love into it. Ok, now that’s just cheesy. But seriously. How great is it? 😀

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2 Responses to Two-tone garage door

  1. Debbie February 14, 2016 at 3:55 pm #

    Love what you’re doing with the place. Your house is similar mine. My house built in the 70s. I have the same dreaded popcorn ceilings, same ceiling air vents (like your originals). Unfortunately, I have no DIY skills and no one to help me with changes. Wish I could just hire it out but I can’t afford everything I want. I’ve been in my house 16 years and with the exception of paint, it’s pretty much the same. I’m trying to start now on some changes (like painting my kitchen cabinets or remove the popcorn ceilings) but I’m afraid I will mess it up and then i will have to pay to get it done/replaced. So I don’t start at all and here I am, 16 years later. Ho hum….. I enjoy looking at your website as you make changes. Keep up the good work.

    • Simple House Expressions February 15, 2016 at 5:28 pm #

      Thanks, Debbie! 😀 If it’s any encouragement to you, we really didn’t know much when we first bought our house either! We watched a lot of YouTube videos and looked at tons of information and tutorials online before embarking on projects. It’s still helpful to read about other peoples’ projects so we can learn from their mistakes and successes! Plus, it really is amazing how big of a difference some very small changes can make! Good luck with any projects you decide to take on!