Our 4th Blogiversary!

Crazy to think that we’ve owned our house and been blogging (casually, obviously!) for 4 years now! A lot has changed since then! It’s easy to look at the things we still have to do and feel overwhelmed, so I wanted to write it all out as a reminder of how far we’ve come. And, I suppose, as motivation to keep crossing things off the list!

So, without further ado, here is our master project to-do list! Hopefully, I didn’t forget anything!

General/Whole house items


Living Room


Laundry Closet





Guest Bathroom



  • Scrape, sand, and repaint ceiling, repair, fill, prime, re-texture and paint walls, and repaint, reinstall, and caulk trim
  • Possibly add another layer of drywall on wall next to living room for more soundproofing
  • Replace light fixture
  • Scrape and repaint closet and paint closet doors
  • Replace almond colored switches/outlets
  • Decorate

Guest Bedroom


Master Bedroom


Master Closet

  • Scrape, sand, and repaint ceiling, repair, fill, prime, and paint walls, and paint, install, and caulk new trim (current trim doesn’t match)
  • Replace light fixtures and remove ceiling fan
  • Square off room, install pocket door between closet and bath, and add shelving to new corner
  • Add big hanging mirror to one wall
  • Replace flooring
  • Replace almond colored switches/outlets

Master Bathroom

  • Scrape, sand, and repaint ceiling, replace/mud drywall and prime and paint, and paint, install, and caulk new trim (current trim doesn’t match)
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Replace medicine cabinet with framed mirror
  • Replace or repaint vanity and add new hardware
  • Replace faucets
  • Replace shower head and shower curtain
  • Replace toilet
  • Replace shower insert with new insert or tub and tile surround
  • Redo window frame and sill to match rest of house
  • Add blinds to window instead of curtain
  • Buy or build new doors for linen closet and redo inside of closet and shelves
  • Replace almond colored switches/outlets


Front Yard

Back Yard



Miscellaneous things we may never do

  • Install can lighting in living room
  • Create feature wall in master with chair molding
  • Paint door in garage black and add white “hello” or address decal
  • Build composite front porch and create new walk off the front of it that connects to existing sidewalk
  • Build planter box for front sidewalk
  • Add window boxes
  • Create area off of deck for chairs and fire pit
  • Move ac unit so it isn’t right next to deck

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