Gorgeous garage door

Well, ok, it’s maybe not gorgeous, but it’s functional and modern with a subtle nod to traditional wooden garage doors. Here’s what we had before…


And here’s the story of how we ruined it. What a sad day that was. And our process of picking a new one. And here she is in all her glory!


Our plan is to paint the inset panels the same grey as our siding color to emphasize the detail a bit more. Then it will look very similar to our old door (which was our intention, by the way.) Here’s before again.


And after.


My only complaint with it was that the windows were smaller, but we knew they would be if we switched from a wooden door to a metal door. And on the bright side, the inside looks really nice, too, and it’s much more insulated.


Since it came painted white (not just primed like some) and matches our white trim really well, we’re going to leave it that way for a while. It’s so hot outside this summer and we have tons of other projects that we’re in the middle of anyway, plus several out of town trips in the next few weeks. We’ll try to work on it this fall once it cools down a little bit.


It could be a bit tricky to paint since it has a fairly pronounced faux wood grain texture, so some Frog Tape will definitely be in order!


For now, we’re enjoying being able to use our garage again and loving the look of our new door!


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