Guest room gallery wall

It is high time for an update about our guest bedroom, and not just because I recently added a gallery wall! I also never shared any pictures of our new bedding. Here’s what it looked like before (but after scraping the ceilings, repainting, replacing the light fixture, etc.)


And here’s what it looks like now! We chose to go with a simple white comforter, added a light mint quilt, the shams from our master bedroom (that we replaced with these), and a new throw pillow.


The mirror came with a french provincial dresser that I’m redoing for our living room. I repainted it a butter yellow, but it looks really bright in pictures. I would love to have an actual headboard for guests someday, but it just hasn’t been a priority.


I thought the room was taking shape nicely, except that there was still this big blank wall. I’ve been collecting random frames for years and figured I should finally put them to good use!


I didn’t take any pictures of the frames before, but most of them were bare wood along with one metal frame and a few plastic burgundy frames (all purchased super cheap at garage sales and thrift stores.) I took out all the glass, cleaned the frames with TSP, and sprayed them white (semi-gloss) with my HVLP gun. I painted the mats flat white with a small foam roller.

Then it was time to arrange them on the wall! I started by marking where I wanted them to be in the room and measuring the box. I recreated it on my living room rug and played around with layouts until I found one I liked. Then we hung them up, starting from the top right corner.


Then I started what turned out to be the longest part of the process: picking what to put in them, cleaning the glass (ugh!), and putting the frames back together. But it was a fun process, and I really think it makes this room feel more finished!


I’m not a huge personal picture person, but I still wanted the pictures to mean something. Some of them are just filler like this blue honeycomb print…


And this paint chip flower I made to fit the awkward shaped frame.


But others are personal, like the shadow box under the flower with the keys from my first car.

Or this postcard we bought when we were in New Orleans…


Our wedding invitation (because where else are you going to display it?) and a picture of Kansas.


And this shadow box, which is quite possibly my favorite. These are the house numbers of Andrew and I’s first home together (married student housing at our university.)


After a year of living there, we had to move to a different duplex because they were going to tear down several to build a new building. We figured it wouldn’t be needing these numbers anymore!

I love all things nautical, but I don’t want my house posing as a beach house, so I try to stick to subtle nautical touches like these coins. The coral pillow on the bed might be less than subtle though…


Or the coral on the night stand…oh dear. I might have to eliminate one of them!


There’s nothing incredibly personal about this, but I pressed it years ago and was just waiting for somewhere to put it.


And, of course, there had to be something about cats.


Chaucer wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. Rude pants. Always thinking about himself.


There’s also a Fayetteville sticker, a post card of my favorite painting at Crystal Bridges (a world class art museum in our area!), a shadow box with shells from Destin, and a few other printables and magazine clippings to fill space.


Even though it took a while to collect enough frames and was a lot of work painting them, it was much cheaper than buying new. I think it was about $20 total. And who knows, maybe I’ll keep adding to it!



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