Awaiting our garage door

We finally ordered a garage door! And the good news is we don’t hate it! Yay! In case you aren’t in the loop, this happened a few weeks ago. Garage door = destroyed.


Now you would think picking a new garage door wouldn’t be that difficult, but apparently it is. Our only specifications?

  • Metal instead of wood (much lower maintenance!)
  • Windows (I love having windows in my garage door!)
  • Insulated (our garage gets full morning sun so it has to be insulated so our garage doesn’t get up to like a million degrees.)
  • Less than $1500
  • Preferably recessed panels instead of raised panels

Doesn’t seem that hard, right? We looked at Overhead Door and MidAmerica Door and were pretty dissatisfied with the options in our price range. Don’t get me wrong…the quality is good and Overhead Door’s service was awesome (!!!), but they didn’t have any designs we loved. We thought we might have to settle and were getting really bummed. This was our top contender from Overhead (but with plain windows).


At least it has “ranch” panels (the longer sections instead of 8 short sections across), but it’s still a raised panel door. We really like the recessed panels which mimic the look of traditional wooden garage doors like our old one. See? Recessed ranch panels.


We like this look aesthetically, but also because we want to be able to repaint our new garage door two colors like our current one. I’m not sure how that would look with a raised panel. Probably dumb. Also, we didn’t want it to look just like everyone else’s. Unfortunately, not a lot of manufacturers make metal recessed panel doors.

We did find this one…

Garage door

And contacted a dealer only to find out it would cost upwards of $2500. Bummer. We also got quotes from a guy who does custom carriage house style garage doors. Something like this…

DoorVisionsPro_Web - Google Chrome 6222015 15721 PM

Or this…

DoorVisionsPro_Web - Google Chrome 6222015 15747 PM

But anything like this would have cost at least $1800 if not more, and unlike carriage house doors that come with composite trim pieces (and cost $2500+), this would have cedar trim that would need to be refinished every couple of years. More maintenance is NOT what we need. They may be cute, but they are not the right solution for us.

Our house is pretty boring on the front and we really liked that our garage door was unique, so I wasn’t quite ready to give up.


For a second, I thought maybe I was wrong about the raised panel until I found this simulator and compared the raised panel door…

DoorVisionsPro_Web - Google Chrome 6222015 14911 PM

To the recessed panel door.

DoorVisionsPro_Web - Google Chrome 6222015 12237 PM

The difference may seem very subtle, but I still liked the recessed so much more! I had all but given up hope when my awesome hubby stumbled across this recessed panel door from Haas Door. Here it is in the single version…


And double! We held our breath while we waited on a quote from a dealer in Siloam Springs…


And it came back at $1,421 including installation, haul away of the old door, and taxes!! And our new door has an R value of 13.45 (higher is better.) Let’s just take a minute to compare this to Lowe’s and Home Depot.

  • Lowe’s: Cheapest insulated metal door with windows = $1,076.75, not including installation, haul away, and taxes. R value = 6.58. Eek.
  • Home Depot: Cheapest insulated metal door with windows = $1,404. R value = 12.9, but this is already almost as much as our quote and still doesn’t include installation, haul away, and taxes.

While we didn’t end up going with MidAmerica Door or Overhead Door, their quotes with everything included were all less than just the cost of one of those doors and their doors were better quality. (One of the quotes from Overhead was only $1100!) The lesson here, buying and installing things yourself is not always better or cheaper.

We were soooo relieved to be able to get what we wanted within our price range, so we went ahead and ordered it (with plain windows)…and now we wait 2-4 weeks. And in the meantime, our garage looks like this.


Nice, huh? Yeah…it’s not such a good look. Our door cannot arrive soon enough! We want to use our garage again!


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