4th of July rag wreath

So…I made another wreath, but it wasn’t a magazine wreath this time! (Like this one or this one.) I wanted to make something quick that was 4th of July themed, but as usual, I wanted it to be free. Or at least very cheap. I already had red and navy fabric on hand as well as canvas from my radio cabinet redo and Christmas tree cones, so at least all the colors were there!


I didn’t have a wire wreath frame (which would have been ideal for this project), so I reused a wire hanger from a previous wreath instead. It does make the wreath a little more floppy than a wreath frame would, but I don’t mind that look.


If I were buying material for this, I definitely wouldn’t have bought canvas fabric since it frays so much, but again, I wanted to use stuff I had on hand.


This was certainly one of the fastest wreaths I’ve ever made! I cut the fabric into strips that were about 1″ wide and 7 to 8″ long, and then tied them onto the wire circle. And that was it! It took less than 2 hours and I may have been a bit distracted by the show we were watching.


The final touch was these star gift tags from the dollar section at Target. Got me again, Target! I just can’t resist!


I took the jute strings off and attached them to the hanger with paper clips.


The total cost was probably under $3. The stars came in packs of 2 for $1 each, so that’s $2…and the fabric was all super cheap when I bought it and I used hardly any of each (the navy was on clearance, the red was from a thrift store, and the canvas was a drop cloth from Lowes.)

I think it turned out great! When I first started tying the strips on the hanger, I was worried it was going to look really stupid, but I just kept squeezing more in until I couldn’t possibly find the hanger anymore.


We don’t have a great place to hang a flag on our house, so this is our show of patriotism instead. 😉 Happy 4th!

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