Master bedroom metamorphosis

Our bedroom has changed a lot in the nearly 4 years that we’ve lived here. But I’m happy to say it’s finally to a point that I’m happy with! I can’t think of anything else major that I want to change or redo! Here’s what it looked like shortly after we moved in…

It was the first room we tackled. We scraped and repainted the ceilings, repainted the walls, and redid all of the trim. And besides a new-to-us bed frame, used our existing furniture that looked much more proportionate in our tiny duplex.

Here’s what it looked like a little less than a year ago.


And after some final finishing touches that I’ve wanted for a looooong time (night stands with drawers!!!), here’s what it looks like now!


I bought these navy and white shams with the guest room in mind, but they just didn’t work so I put our West Elm rice pintuck shams in there instead. And I love these in our master!


The mirrors were on sale at Target for around $30 each, plus I had gift cards. I wanted to do mirrors over the night stands to bring more light into our room since we just have one teeny window, but everywhere else they were so expensive and way too ornate. These just have a simple silver frame and were the perfect size!


These gorgeous lamps are from Home Goods, and boy was it a process to find them!


I told Andrew our budget was $100 or less for two lamps but I really wanted to keep it under $80, which seemed plausible, until I started shopping for lamps! Even at Target a lot of the large size lamp bases are $40 plus another $20 to $30 for the shade, and since they don’t come together I can never find a shade that I think is the right size for the base. Super frustrating.

I looked at Target, Pier 1, Jc Penney, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Kirklands, a slew of other places, and everywhere online I could think of. And nothing. Not to mention that Andrew is suprisingly opinionated about lamps. So over Easter when we were in Little Rock visiting my family, my mom and I went to her Home Goods and found these! I sent a picture to Andrew and he actually loved them, too!


But the best part?? $30 each, including the shade!! And they have a finial style top, which I love! No more crooked lamp shades!


I was so sick of our old mismatched lamps (one of which was a thrift store lamp with old wiring), and I just wanted two matching lamps that looked new and purposeful.


Especially since our “new” night stands were used. I like used stuff, but I don’t want my house to look too much like a garage sale!

We bought these two night stands from a guy off Craigslist that was actually selling us a different piece. These were in his garage and evidently he wanted to get rid of them, too, so he asked if we wanted them. For $5 each we were sold!


But they sat in our garage for a VERY long time. I was reluctant to paint them and sell them cause I thought we might want them for ourselves. Problem was, I really wanted something slightly taller than our bed, and these (and every other night stand available for purchase new) were too short.

Luckily, Lowe’s and Home Depot sell furniture legs, so I bought 8 of these for $3.25 each from Home Depot. They have LOTS of options, but these are one of the cheapest.

00fbb1f9-8ab9-45ef-851b-abfe85ca2ba7_400And I bought these top plates to screw them into for $1.68 a piece at Lowe’s.

038453027510We added wood blocks to each corner because the base of the night stand wasn’t sturdy enough to screw the legs directly into.


We wanted the legs to stick out from the apron of the night stand even more, so we added another small piece across the blocks. Then we attached the top plates in each corner (the front ones as far forward as they would go and then we measured for the back ones so they would be even), and screwed the legs into them.


Then I sanded and cleaned them, painted them with a homemade greige chalk paint, and waxed them with Johnson’s clear paste wax. I left the original hardware as is.


Total cost of the night stands: $53.09. (Not including paint and wax, but I always have the wax on hand and the paint was from a $5 gallon of mess-up paint that I’ve used for countless projects).


I’m loving how this room has come together! And I really really love having drawers in my night stand, even if the only things in them at the moment are a box of kleenex and an extra iPhone charger. But hey, I’m sure they’ll accumulate more things over time!


I’m calling this room complete! (There is one more thing we did to make this room comfortable to sleep in, but I’ll save that for another day).  I initially thought I wanted a rug, too, but my experience with the other two rugs in our house is that they simply collect cat hair, are a pain to vacuum (because of the cat hair), and encourage the cats to puke on them. Since the cats aren’t going anywhere, I guess I’ll save my money.

Here’s the list of everything we did and links to the posts:

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