Good fences make good neighbors…

At least, according to Robert Frost, they do. And we happen to agree. This was the state of our yard a few weeks ago. An old privacy fence on one side (that we worked on a year after moving in because it was falling over)…


And a chain link fence that afforded no privacy on the other.


There used to be a 15-20′ tall boxwood hedge along that whole fence that made our backyard very green and private. We didn’t ever take any great pictures of it, but if you look behind the house in this picture, you can kind of see what I mean.

Well, last fall the neighbors cut down all of it. We were pretty bummed, and decided fairly quickly that a privacy fence must go up this spring. Didn’t want to have to look at this all the time.


We assumed we’d do it ourselves, but got a few quotes just to be sure. They were about $2500 for the two long sections. It seemed like a lot, but once we did the math, we realized we would still pay about $1500 for materials (or more if we rented any kind of auger to dig holes). We weren’t going to save as much as we thought…and we’d ruin all of our weekends from now until the end of time. So we called in the pros at Arkansas Fence Company.


And then we got to work ripping out the old fence and getting rid of a few leftover stumps (and by we, I mean Andrew and a friend…not me). This stump took him forever, but he finally got it!


See our lovely view of the above ground pool? We could not get that fence soon enough! Monday we got the call that they would be ready to build it Tuesday, and that it should only be a 1 day job. Yippee!


They got here around 8, were setting posts when I left at 9:30, and by 4ish when I got home, they were gone and this was here!


I was so frustrated that we had such a clear view of the streets (especially the slightly busier street right outside our neighborhood) after the boxwood got chopped…


And now, we can’t see the street at all!


The best part about all of it, though, is that it’s just done. We didn’t have to worry about the math, stress about how to do it, argue over who’s plan is the right one, try to calculate how much to buy, pester our friends to help, or cancel weekend plans and trips to visit family. There is no way we ever could have gotten it done in a day.


We’re very happy with how it turned out! We have a few gaps at the bottom we need to fill, but the fence is very straight and seems really sturdy.


We had them go ahead and build this gate, too, since our yard is the entry point to the easement. After seeing how they angled the gate so perfectly to line up with the rest of the fence, I’m really glad we didn’t have to do that part.


We were pretty pleased with the construction of the gate, too. We liked the hardware and that they used these metal pieces on the back to prevent sagging over time. Guess we’ll see how it holds up!


We also like that it’s really wide. You never know what you (or the city) might want to bring back there.


I am excited for the fence to be just a little less green, though. And in the meantime, I feel like I really need to plant something in front of the fence or hang something on it. And once the grass and trees are greened up I think it’ll be less jarring. I hope. So. Much. Fence.


We had contemplated leaving the old privacy fence as is and just adding a new one on the other side, but boy are we glad we replaced all of it! This was our rickety old fence before.


And after! (Along with my destroyed herb garden! Sniffle.)


It’s so straight and it doesn’t look like it’s going to fall over! It’s also built with pressure treated 4x4s instead of landscape timbers like the last one. Landscape timbers aren’t pressure treated (just coated), so they’re not rated for ground contact. They’ll twist and warp even above ground, so they’re certainly not intended for any in-ground application like fence posts!

Look how straight!!


They told us they would try to put our fence as close to the neighbor’s chain link as possible. We were expecting it to be a little closer, but never realized how crooked the chain link fence was! I’m not sure how that would have turned out if we’d tried to build it on our own.


Same thing on the other side. Before, there was at least a foot of space in between (there were trees there at one point that we removed).


The new fence isn’t entirely flush since the chain link bows, but it’s much closer, straighter, and obviously sturdier than before.


Because of the way the ground levels change on this side, there’s no way the whole length of fence could be perfectly straight, but I think they did a good job lining it up! Yet another thing I’m not sure we would have been able to figure out…at least, not without a few arguments and maybe some tears.



Here’s the before again with the boxwood and old fence…

And after with the new fence, new paint, gutters, windows, etc.


I have to be honest, I still really like the natural look of the boxwood, but obviously once it was cut down there was nothing we could do about it. I think this was the best option (and on the bright side, lower maintenance than a wild boxwood hedge that needs constant pruning!) and I’m excited to have some privacy once again!


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  1. Maribeth May 28, 2015 at 9:27 am #

    Looks great! Having a little privacy really makes such a huge difference. After we got our new fence, I really started to love our yard.