Another free magazine wreath

So, as expected Andrew gave me a very hard time for cutting up even more magazines and making yet another wreath!


But this wreath was almost entirely free, and I think of all my homemade wreaths (like my spring magazine wreath, my fall paper wreath, or this quick twig wreath), it may have been the easiest!



  • Magazine pages (or other scrap paper)
  • Foam board/cardboard for the backing or a wreath form*
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s glue or hot glue**
  • Double sided tape

*I made my wreath using a circle of foam board for the backing so that it would be flat enough to fit inside the storm door, but if you wanted a more dimensional wreath, a wreath form (and hot glue) might work better (for an indoor wreath, of course. Magazines don’t exactly hold up well to the elements!)

**I chose to use Elmer’s glue because the space in between our door and storm door has the effect of a greenhouse (even when it’s not that warm outside), sometimes causing the hot glue to re-melt. Since I was gluing paper to paper, I figured this might be a more permanent option.


First, I went through tons of magazines and tore out any pages with fall colors. I tried to stick to red, orange, yellow, brown, gray, gold, etc. Then I cut a leaf shape out of a paint chip, traced the shape onto the magazine pages, and cut out all my little shapes. Definitely a bit time consuming, but turn on a movie and it’s not so bad!


Once I had all my shapes cut out, I folded the leaves in half (in stacks of 10 or so at a time) so there would be a bit more dimension once they were on the wreath. I also opted to use some patterned pieces to give it a bit more interest.


I had some pieces of foam board left from another project, otherwise I probably would have used cardboard so I didn’t have to buy anything. I didn’t have a circle big enough to trace, so I just measured out from a center point until I had enough dots to draw a circle. Man, I really need a compass. Then I cut the circles with an exacto knife, and ta-da!


I used a lamp shade and a large bowl to draw different sizes of circles on the form so I would know where to line up my rows. You can see the faint pencil lines in the picture above. This was really helpful so I didn’t space my rows unevenly!

Then, starting from the outside of the form, I used thin layers of Elmer’s glue to place the leaves in rows. Only glue the bottom of each leaf, and let the first row hang way off the edge, so you won’t see the form once it’s hung. Also, on the first leaf of each row, be sure to leave half of it unglued so once you get back around to it, you can slip the edge of the last leaf underneath it!


The Elmer’s glue does make the magazine pieces a little wrinkly, so I used a very thin layer only on the very bottom of each leaf, and then covered up the bottom of each row with the next row of leaves.


Because of this, I decided to use double-sided tape on the last row so the wrinkles wouldn’t be visible. I placed a small strip for each leaf, being sure to overlap the leaf before.


Then I placed each leaf one at a time, leaving enough excess to wrap them around the inside edge.


Once I had taped a few, I wrapped them under and continued around the circle.


After taping the entire last row, I turned it over and taped the leaves down to the back of the wreath.


This created a really nice clean edge for the inside circle. I didn’t want to see the rough edges of the cut foam board!


And it’s as simple as that! I really love this wreath! It might even be my favorite. The colors look so cute with the front door and the brick, and I think it looks very fall-esque from outside.


Hopefully it’s cute enough to distract from our poor, dead alberta spruce? Died from the summer heat, and yet it’s still there. Hmmm…


Still can’t figure out to do there that won’t die, so maybe I’ll just keep making wreaths in the hope that they’ll be enough of a distraction!


So there you have it. Yet another free magazine wreath that, in my not so humble opinion, is adorable and totally worth the work! Happy fall (and wreath-making)!

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3 Responses to Another free magazine wreath

  1. Valerie B. November 7, 2014 at 2:17 pm #

    Super cute! I love all the fall colors!!

    Also…sorry about the neighbor/yard privacy ordeal. 🙁 Major bummer.

    But at least you have a cute wreath! 🙂

  2. Judy Kimes November 7, 2014 at 9:27 pm #

    I am always amazed by your creations whether they are wreaths, decks, or all your own home decore that you and your hubby collaboate on to make your home your very special space! Congrats on using your creative gifts in beautiful ways! Wish you lived here so I could get some ideas!, I used to do a lot of wreaths, mostly with flowers, but I loved it! I also used to make a yearly Christmas decoration to give family and friends and must have done that door 10-15 years! It is still fun to get them out! Now I enjoy seeing people like you enjoying what you are doing!

    We hope to see your folks when they are in Topeka in a week or so! I sure miss seeing all of you! Be happy, sweet lady, and continue to share the gifts God has given you!


    • Simple House Expressions November 22, 2014 at 5:49 pm #

      (Apparently Andrew approved this comment and I didn’t see it until now!) Thanks so much! I appreciate the encouragement! 😀 I think Andrew thinks I’m a bit silly with all my homemade decor sometimes, until he realizes how much I would have to pay for something similar! 😉 Hope you got to see my parents when they were in town, and I miss seeing you, too! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!