Screwdriver Coat Rack

Now that I have my new computer and have gotten have all my pictures transferred, it’s time to get back to blogging! This latest project has been done for a while and is now hanging in Andrew’s office at work.


It’s a screwdriver coat rack! Minus the coats, since we made it in the summer. We first saw the idea on HomeMade Modern and thought it was a fun way to incorporate old tools into the decor. Of course, this one is adorable against a whitewashed brick wall (and not under fluorescent office lighting), but we did our best.


First, we went to a pawn shop to find old screwdrivers (or screwdriver-like tools) for this project. They were only 25 cents a piece, so we bought a few extra to make sure we could come up with an arrangement we liked. The tutorial uses Plasti Dip paint, but we were not going to spend almost $30 for paint, so we decided to test it out with regular old latex mess up paints that we had on hand.

After cleaning the screwdrivers with TSP (they were disgustingly filthy!) and taping string to the ends for hanging, we dipped them in plain white latex paint.


And it actually worked a lot better than we thought! We checked on them every 10 minutes or so and dabbed the drippy end with a finger to make sure there wasn’t a huge, dried drip on each one.


I’m not very good about being laid back with projects like this, so I tested all our different mess up paints until we found a good color combo, and then we arranged the screwdrivers in an order we liked and assigned a color to each one.


Somehow all the pictures of the second dipping process went missing (probably something to do with my laptop crashing), but it’s pretty self explanatory. We dipped some straight, some at an angle, and tried to do varying heights so they didn’t all look the same. Then we hung them up to dry, and checked on them every few minutes again to eliminate any drips.

Once they were dry, we made some final changes to the arrangement…


And then drilled our holes in our 50 cent piece of wood from the Home Depot scrap pile. (Sadly, they won’t sell scrap wood anymore.)

The tutorial mentioned that the screwdrivers were a bit too close together for it to be a very functional coat rack, so we decided to drill our holes a little bit farther apart so there might actually be room to hang things.


Andrew wanted a slightly darker color on the wood, so after he drilled the holes he oiled the wood with Danish oil.


The last step was to adhere the screwdrivers to the piece of wood. We didn’t want them to move around, so we used some clear Welder adhesive to attach them.



And then put it across a laundry basket to dry. Hey, it works, right?


We hung it with some simple L brackets, but decided to put ours facing down instead of up so they didn’t take away from the tops of the screwdrivers.


We also tried to use less girly colors since this was going in Andrew’s office.


Here it is with a glimpse of the Arkansas picture that hangs in his office. Glad we incorporated green!


When shopping for our tools, we tried to find a variety of shapes and textures.


And a variety of types of tools…the grey and white one on the right is an ice pick, and the one next to it…has a loop? I have no idea what that’s actually called, but hey, it says right on it “Made in the USA.”


We’re really pleased with how it turned out! We weren’t sure the dipping would work at all, so it was kind of a gamble. But it actually worked really well, and was way cheaper than the $30 Plasti Dip!


In total, I think we spent about $12 for this project. Now if only my sub-par photography skills could capture how cute it is in person!


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