Summer’s end

Well, summer is officially over, so no more complaining from me about the early appearance of fall decorations, pumpkin flavored everything, and the inevitable (and endless) posts about “sweater weather.” (FYI, I’m wearing shorts for as long as possible!!) Unfortunately for us, we also experienced several other “endings” during the past week. Our poor ’98 Altima’s air conditioning finally called it quits (luckily it happened now and not 3 months ago!), our free grill broke for good, and possibly worst of all, my Asus Zenbook isn’t feeling so zen after I dropped it on it’s face!


Literally. Face down on a hard floor. But really, can you blame me? This thing is as light as air. It was modeled after the Macbook Air, after all, and it’s like holding a cloud. I’m really not a clumsy person, but I’ve never dropped any electronic device as much as this poor laptop! And the last time did it in for good. Pretty sure I damaged the hard drive, and since I’ve already damaged the charging port by dropping it on that, it’s probably not worth getting it repaired. Boohoo.


I wish I could blame my severe lack of blogging during the summer on this, but since it just happened this weekend, it’s not to blame. Now that I’m without my own laptop, though, posting will probably continue to be sporadic until we figure out what to do. (Luckily, I did have almost everything backed up! Whew.)

But without easy access to my pictures, let’s just do a little recap of the summer and talk about upcoming projects. A few months ago, my mom and I traveled to Moran, KS to visit my grandparents. Here’s me and my Grandma Reta. Let’s be honest, this post (and all of them) are really for her. 🙂

photo (6)

While we were there, we did some thrifting and I found this great french provincial dresser (and mirror) and brought it home with me.

photo (7)

We’ve been so busy with other stuff that I haven’t had a chance to redo it yet! Once it’s painted (I may shell out the big bucks for some Annie Sloan chalk paint!), it’s going in our living room to replace our current media center. Be excited!

We’ve also been working on this little project for Andrew’s office.

photo (5)

It’s done now, but those pictures weren’t backed up, so we’ll have to retake some. It looks a bit different now!


And, of course, our biggest summer project has been our awesome deck!! We still haven’t stained yet (due to the wood being too wet, then being out of town, then rain, then more out of town, a non-bleached spot under our grill mat, rain again and blah blah blah.) Maybe this weekend?? But we have done most of the railing! Here’s a sneak peak.

photo (4)

This was pretty time-consuming, I gotta be honest, but it’s also the cutest railing ever! I’m in love with it! Wait until you see the finished result! I’ve also been working on a few other painting projects that I haven’t had a chance to share yet.

June and July activities included lots of hanging out with friends, a visit from Andrew’s brothers and my family, and volunteering for VBS…


August included babysitting this little lady (my niece)…

photo (9)

Letting her take selfies on my phone…

photo (11)

And making cookies with her.

photo (10)

Also, the annual Tontitown Grape Festival with friends…3 years in a row now!


And we took not one, but two trips to Little Rock in August to see my family (my birthday and Labor day). On the first trip, Andrew built this dormer desk for my sister (it still needs to be painted.)


And on the last trip, we repaired their new sofa (yes, new and it broke!) and my mom and I repainted her laundry room and shelves. No pictures, unfortunately. We also started a small group this summer, and August/September is line review time for the hubs! (If you’re not familiar with the retail world, then just ignore that.) So, you see? We haven’t been lazy! Just really busy!

Stay tuned for updates on some of these projects, especially the deck! Fingers crossed we can stain this weekend! And hopefully I’ll be able to find the pictures I need and get something posted over the next week or two, but if not, let’s blame my laptop situation and not my laziness, ok? K. Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!


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