We might be a little bit crazy…

Cause we just bought over 250 square feet of tile for our future kitchen remodel, a project that we’re not planning to tackle for AT LEAST a year! Maybe even two.

Why, you might ask? Cause it was a pretty awesome deal for 12″ x 24″ porcelain glazed tiles and exactly what we wanted! Isn’t it wonderful??


I’ve been dreaming about new floors in our kitchen since the first time we ever saw this house!  How could I not when this is the current floor?

DSC_0204 A

Uh, yeah. So I’ve had a lot of time to consider different options, and for over 2 years I’ve wanted 12″ x 24″ tiles. They look much more high end and custom than square, but without the exorbitant cost of even stranger dimensions like 6″ x 24.” But when you can get square ceramic tiles for 99 cents/sq ft, it’s kinda hard to justify the still more expensive price tag. We need over 250 square feet, so I figured we might have to go with square tiles to stick to our tight, target budget of under $1000 for the entire floor (including tile, thinset, grout, and replacing damaged sub floor if necessary.)

Our cabinets are in awful shape and were never a good quality to begin with, so we’re already going to have to spend a small fortune to replace those and the counter tops. We have to save money wherever we can!


I found these tiles at Surplus Warehouse (where we got our awesome bathroom vanity) and after freaking out and texting Andrew for approval, I brought home a sample tile.

And it was love.


I know it’s hard to ignore the royal blue vinyl tiles, but try! Try to look past it and see the awesomeness that our kitchen could be with stainless steel appliances and this tile!


I can see it! And luckily, so could Andrew. The next day he stopped by after work and loaded up our little truck with our pretty new tile. All 20 boxes of it!

photo (3)

He had seen a few mistints at the store that were almost white/cream colored, so we literally took every tile out of every box to make sure they were all gray. These are a variation 2 tile, so slight variation in texture/pattern is normal, but the color should be fairly uniform. These were obviously mistakes, which is probably why this batch of tile ended up at Surplus Warehouse in the first place.

After all that work, we only ended up with one box of mistints (and one chipped tile) to exchange, but we feel much more at ease knowing that all of these tiles are usable! We put 9 boxes under this shelf, and somehow Andrew managed to find an out-of-the-way home for the other 11 without dislodging/throwing away anything. Pretty impressive considering how huge these boxes are.


Now let’s talk $. These were listed at $1.49 per square foot. We measured about a million times, and figured we needed 270 sq ft to allow 20% extra for cuts/mistakes (15 to 20% is recommended). Each box is 14 sq ft, so we got 20 boxes or 280 sq ft.

280 sq ft @ $1.49/sq ft = $417.20 + tax = $456.83

After tax, this made the tiles about $1.63 per sq ft, compared to the cheapest 12″ x 24″ tile at Home Depot at $1.99 per sq ft BEFORE tax!

If we bought a similar gray porcelain glazed tile from Home Depot at $1.99 per sq ft, after tax the total would be $610.13. That’s a savings of over $150! Worth keeping it in the garage for over a year? Maybe not for everyone, but it sure is for us!


The real question in all of this isn’t whether or not we’re crazy (that’s pretty established, right?), but how we should lay the tile! Here’s the classic subway layout…yes, on the garage floor.


And here’s the always gorgeous herringbone layout. I am such a sucker for anything herringbone!

photo (1)

The subway pattern would definitely make cuts easier, but this is so cute! I just don’t know!

photo (2)

Lucky for me I have at least a year to decide! Which do you think? Standard, contemporary subway? Or the more unique (and more difficult) herringbone?

3 Responses to We might be a little bit crazy…

  1. Jennifer Jaber June 12, 2014 at 7:38 pm #

    These tiles are amazing. I want them for a future kitchen too! If you have enough tiles, I vote herringbone. Can’t wait to see this finished kitchen in a few years!!

    • Simple House Expressions June 12, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

      Thanks! We thought they were pretty amazing, too! 🙂 I think it might have to be herringbone! I just can’t say no!


  2. Jeremy June 13, 2014 at 8:14 am #