Targeting our master bedroom style

Over the last few years, we’ve made great strides in achieving the look and feel that we want for our master bedroom. We started with this dingy, yellow cottage cheese room. Ewww.

After scraping the ceilings and repainting everything and buying a new-to-us bed frame, we had this.

Then we got new bedding, installed a sliding barn door between our bedroom and closet, found a unique light fixture, and stenciled fabric to make our own curtains. BUT, there’s always more to do! Next on the list was to replace the bench at the end of our bed.


I’ve had this bench since high school, so it’s a little bit sentimental for me, but the shape and pattern just weren’t working in our space anymore. Boo hoo.

So I’ve been eyeing this bench from Target for quite some time. If it wasn’t obvious, I’m not really an impulse purchaser!

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After hemming and hawing for months and seeing it “sell out” once, I finally went for it as soon as it was available again. Which means sadly, I did not get it at the sale price shown above, but paid the full 149.99. I just couldn’t risk losing it!


Needless to say, I love it! The color is exactly what I wanted, though I’m not actually sure which one it is on their website. Pewter or gray? Several reviewers said the “pewter” one was darker than the picture and that the “gray” one is a bit reddish. Oh well, guess I’ll never know. That’s why I bought mine in the store!


The storage space will be perfect for extra bedding or throw pillows.


And for fluffy cats, of course. 🙂


This bench was just so much cuter and more expensive looking than any others I saw in those 6 or so months that I admired it (I looked at benches everywhere to compare!).


The feet and casters are so perfect and add a lot of character to the bench. And we’re all about character at the Toburen house. Even if it is fake, as Andrew would say…


But the bench isn’t the only new addition from Target! The other end of our bedroom was looking a bit bare…


And on a shopping trip to Target with my mom, I spotted a turquoise, silver, and white canvas that I thought would be perfect for her newly decorated living room.  Then behind it, I spotted the same one in different colors. For me!!


And I debated over this purchase, too…It was $70, and I really struggle to spend very much on wall decor! It really didn’t help when we spotted a small tear/puncture in one corner.

After talking to an employee and going to another Target, we realized they don’t have specific UPCs for these large canvases. Instead, random ones in similar color families are shipped to each store. So basically, there was no way to know if another store would have it or not (this was the only one between the two stores we visited), and it couldn’t be ordered online. Lame, lame, and lame.


After some more debating, I decided I had to have it. I never see art that I actually like (or can afford!), so the fact that I loved this meant I couldn’t walk away! Because of the damage, they did give me a small 15% discount, making it $59.49. Really, Target?

Once we got it home, my mom mixed up some craft paints to make a dark grey, and I dabbed it onto the white ripped edges of the hole using a toothpick. Sorry there’s no before, but the paint helped a ton!


And just before we hung it, I covered a sturdy note card with double-sided tape and pressed it onto the back of the hole to smooth out the small dimple created when it was punctured. You can barely tell it was ever damaged, even if you look closely!


I’m so happy I went ahead and got it! It makes me smile every time I see it, and now my mom’s house and mine are twinkies! Except hers is way nicer, of course. 😉

These new updates are really starting to make our master bedroom feel more complete, though the fact that the wall around our window still isn’t mudded or painted doesn’t help! Kinda pathetic considering we got new windows a year ago! Gotta get on that…


I think of all the rooms in our house, this has been one of my favorites. It started off soooo dingy and depressing and just weird, and it has transformed into a truly relaxing space! Unlike our guest bathroom which we did all at once, we really had to wait and save up for each new element and look for just the perfect thing. So satisfying to feel like it’s starting to come together!

Of course, there are a few things left to do like get matching night stands with storage, a comfy chair for our sitting area (maybe even a rug?), and new lamps or at least lamp shades. I have a matching set of bedside tables in our garage, but they’re not quite as tall as we’d like. Hopefully, we’ll figure out a way to attach legs (and not super expensive ones!) so I don’t have to shell out money for new ones! Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

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2 Responses to Targeting our master bedroom style

  1. Bethany Furst February 24, 2017 at 7:45 pm #

    Hi Arielle! I saw a link to this post when I was googling this exact storage bench from our Target! I love this bench so much and the price is unbeatable ($104.99 right now on sale!) I saw the pewter color in store and loved it but worry that it would clash with our nordvalla gray ikea sofa. I’ve been tempted to order the indigo or dark gray version of this bench online but am worried about what the color will actually look like! Aaah, what to do! Anyway, it looks beautiful in your bedroom!

    • Simple House Expressions February 27, 2017 at 10:53 am #

      Haha! The struggle is real! 😀 Do you have a Target red card? If so you get free shipping and then you can always return it to a store if it’s not what you pictured! Nothing to lose that way, so I say go for it!

      Ours is at the end of our bed so it doesn’t get much heavy use, but it still looks great and we love it! It’s great to have little bits of added storage when you live in a smaller home! 🙂 I would definitely recommend it!

      – Arielle