A free faucet upgrade: Round 2

Well, folks, get ready for a little déjà vu today! Over a year ago I posted about this Peerless brand faucet that Andrew brought home for free from work. At the time, it retailed for more than $100.


It replaced this no flares builder grade faucet…with 2 handles, no sprayer, and an unsightly air gap (silver thing to the right of the faucet).


After 2 years of living in married housing with a faucet like this and almost 2 years in this house, it felt like a huge upgrade! It had the pull-out sprayer, only one handle, and didn’t need an air gap, so we used the hole for a soap dispenser.


Well, fast forward another year, and we’ve got ourselves yet another new faucet! And this time around, it’s the real deal! Meet the Delta Talbott with pull down sprayer.


It has all the same features as the last one (one handle, regular and spray setting, etc.), but it’s also a high arc faucet, and way more expensive. I’m sure you can find it for less almost anywhere else, but check out the Delta website and you’ll see they charge $460 for this baby! Crazy! But we got it for free!

You see, they use these faucets for displays sometimes, and previously they would cut off almost the entire tube on the bottom, rendering the faucet unusable. Andrew realized if they left the tube longer and just cut off the very end, then he’d only need a few pieces from the hardware store to be able to reuse it. It just took a while for one of the display faucets to be available to take home.


The pieces to make it work were fairly cheap, so once again we got a faucet for almost nothing! But this one…this one is stylish, people. Listen to this description from the Delta website:

Using soft curves and subtle flares, the Talbott kitchen faucet conveys a traditional feel, while minimal decorative detailing ensures the design will be fresh and inspiring for years to come.


Sounds special, no?  Though, if I’m being totally honest, it’s probably not the exact style I would choose if I were purchasing a faucet. I’d probably go for something a little less traditional and more contemporary or modern. But you know, beggars can’t be choosers!

Anyhoo, here’s the before before. Aka before installing new windows and our new structural-wooden-flower-vase-turned-pendant light fixture.


And after!


Here’s after the new windows and light, but before Mr. Talbott.


And after, with our new faucet friend.


Fancy schmancy Mr. Talbott may be a little too fancy for his sink! And cabinets. And countertops. Ok, and the backsplash. And everything! Except our new stainless steel appliances. They can just be “too good for my kitchen” together.

I still despise this back splash, by the way! So orange and tan and yellow and blech. Hate it. HATE it. I even tried cleaning the grout today behind the sink. No dice. Still dirty. On the bright side, my grout is sanitized.


So while I still think over $400 is a bit outrageous for a kitchen faucet, I can definitely tell the difference in quality between this one and the last one. Here’s the hose on the last faucet. Plastic.


The hose on the new Delta faucet is nice, sturdy metal. I mean, really, they’d better not give me any plastic for $460!! If I actually paid that, of course.


And seriously, not even joking, this weight on the extra bit of hose under the sink is probably my favorite feature ever!


I struggled to get that black plastic hose back in several times, and it would get twisted and make the sprayer head crooked. This weight is an awesome idea! I never have any trouble getting the hose to retract, and the sprayer head is magnetic so it snaps right back into place!

We opted to keep the same soap dispenser as before because I liked it better than the “Talbott” version.


Only problem is, what can we possibly upgrade to after this? I suppose a Delta Faucet with Touch2O technology is the only way to go up from here! Now I’m just being greedy.

Unless Andrew just happened to get his hands on another faucet we liked even better, this faucet will be sticking with us, hopefully through a full kitchen renovation some day!


So what do you think? Worth $0 and a few minutes of work to hook it up? I say yes!!

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