Brass be gone

Wow, so despite my complete lack of posting over the last month, there are multiple projects in progress at the Toburen house! We’ve mostly been working outside continuing to push our azaleas along, digging a drainage trench in the back yard, creating an herb garden (yay!), even a few furniture projects, too! Hopefully, over the next couple weeks I can get back up to speed!

Our latest indoor project involved these bad boys: cheap builder grade brass fixtures in our master bathroom.


Talk about an eyesore. Not to mention Andrew’s drain wouldn’t stay open, so for the last 6 months or so the plug hasn’t even been in it. This means water poured straight down the drain, and wouldn’t rinse anything out of the sink. Grossness.


I’ve hated these since day one, but our whole master bathroom needs a major face lift. I wasn’t going to spend money on replacing them just yet, but my awesome hubby brought home two from work for free! They didn’t need them at the office anymore…score! (As I’ve mentioned before, Andrew works for MASCO, who owns Delta Faucet, Kilz/Behr paint, Liberty Hardware, etc. These are a faucet they sell to Walmart.)


Unfortunately, the vanity was placed OVER the water shut off valves, so we had to turn off the water to our whole house instead. It’s also a good idea to replace the hoses each time you replace the fixture for a tight seal, but we couldn’t get to the valve to unscrew that end.

One of the hoses was leaking on his side after he replaced the faucet, so he did have to cut a hole in the bottom around the valves and replace the hoses. If we ever want to move the vanity, we’ll have to cut a hole in the other side, too. Note to any DIY plumbers out there, please make the shutoff valves accessible! K, thanks.


 We don’t provide detailed plumbing or electrical tutorials on our blog! Best to learn from a pro or hire a pro!

Enough about that, let’s look at some before and afters . For free faucets, I think the change is pretty awesome! Here’s the before.


And after!


Around my faucet, whoever installed it got a little carried away with the caulking! I was so glad to see that go…


And become this instead!


Of course Andrew’s sink (well, both sinks!) now has a functioning drain, so here’s hoping that will help his sink stay a little cleaner!


After looking at those things for well over 2 years, these faucets are such a great sight every time I go into our bathroom!


Of course, the rest of the bathroom is still super gross and unsightly, but hey…one thing at a time.


After we scrape and repaint the popcorn ceilings, strip the wallpaper and repaint the walls, and redo the trim to match the rest of the house, we plan to get rid of the medicine cabinet and install 2 separate vanity light fixtures on either side of that beam. We also have a large bathroom mirror in a closet that we’re hoping to put up and frame.

But we’ll also have to deal with this. The wall behind the vanity bows out in the middle preventing the vanity from sitting flush along the wall. Apparently an inch of caulking was their solution…


Unfortunately, our solution might have to be new drywall for that whole wall. We also hope to repaint the cabinet and replace the plastic, brass hardware, and maybe replace the flooring with diagonally laid plywood planks painted white…to look like old painted hardwood floors.


Lots to do, lots to do. Must keep pushing forward!


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