A Kwikset quick upgrade

Wow, this is not my year for blogging apparently. Too busy! We just got back on Sunday from a trip to Destin with the fam, which was awesome and warm, only to come home to a never-ending winter! Well, my crepe myrtles are pruned and my pre-emergent is spread, so spring, come quickly!


Anyway, our latest little “project” involved a new Kwikset door handle that I love! I’ve been drooling over this Kwikset Austin handleset in Venetian Bronze (minus the lock on the interior lever) for over a year.

Isn’t it so pretty? I love the hinged plate over the keyhole! I liked it so much that I bought a matching set for our new patio door months ago knowing someday this handleset would be mine!


As far as door handles go, it’s pretty reasonably priced at $134, but we still weren’t thrilled about shelling out that cash when a new door knob isn’t at the top of our priority list. So I had to figure out a way to get it without paying that amount in cash…otherwise I’d be stuck looking at and using this. (I was literally afraid to go anywhere without a garage door opener because I feared I wouldn’t be able to get back inside with a key!)


Luckily Swagbucks made it possible for me to get my door handle without paying a cent! No, they didn’t ask me to promote the site…I just think it’s awesome!


Swagbucks is a search and win site where you earn points for doing activities like watching videos, playing games, searching the web, taking surveys, etc. Then you can redeem those points for a variety of prizes. I “swagbuck” while watching tv, chatting on skype, blogging, even reading or cleaning. My favorite prizes are Paypal, Target, Starbucks and Amazon gift cards. These 4 in particular are awesome because they can be stacked, used online or in stores, Paypal simply deposits $ right into your account, and if you have a Starbucks account with a registered gift card the codes can be easily added to that card so you don’t have the hassle of printing out e gift cards.

So not only did I use about $150 worth of Amazon gift cards earned with Swagbucks for Christmas shopping and $50 of Target gift cards for my new desk, but I also had enough points by the end of January to cover all $134 of my handleset on Amazon! So bye-bye ugly tarnished brass knob…


And hello, pretty new (and free!) oil-rubbed bronze handle!


Seriously, this looks so much better! Our old one was small, dirty, and outdated looking. And as I mentioned before, barely functional, and only with the two original keys. Copies wouldn’t work at all!


The new one makes such a better first impression, and it was really easy to re-key it to our current keys! It’s so much easier to unlock now, and the copies work, too!


We also re-keyed our patio door to the same key so we don’t have to worry about what key goes to what door. Awesome-sauce!

It’s way better on the inside, too. Here’s the before…not looking quite as tarnished at the outside, but ugly nonetheless.


And the new handle with it’s cute quatrefoil shaped plate and quaint knob deadbolt.


And I just can’t get over the little plate that covers the keyhole!


I have no idea if it actually serves any purpose (like keeping moisture out to prevent rusting?), but it sure is adorable! Makes me want to lock and unlock my front door over and over again…


Plus it looks great with our brick and our oil rubbed bronze sconces! Now we just need to replace or get rid of that awful storm door.


At some point I also want to replace the door knobs on the 2 doors for the garage with Kwikset knobs: this one that leads into the house…


And the one that leads into the backyard. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? No more extra keys! And if we ever lose a key, lose track of who has copies, or sell the house, the locks can be re-keyed in a few minutes! (Each handle we purchased came with a set of two matching keys, so we’re saving them just in case.) I feel like jumpin’ for joy! Who knew I could get so excited over keys!

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