Putting lipstick on a pig

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!” The pig = our kitchen floor. We HATE this floor. So much.


We hate the pattern and despise the bright blue, plus it’s in terrible shape. Due to a squishy sub-floor, a lot of the vinyl tiles are cracked (we’ve had to super glue a few pieces in place), and the finish is super dull! We’re not replacing it until we redo the whole kitchen since we’re planning a change in the layout of the cabinets, so we just have to make the best of it.

I figured it would look a little better if it just weren’t so dull and scratched, but I didn’t know what to use. Every product specified whether it was for waxed or unwaxed vinyl (I have no idea what ours is) and required buffing. But then I came across this for about $6 at Walmart.


Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface (used to be Pledge Future Shine). Safe for all vinyl and linoleum floors. And the best part, no buffing!

I tested it in a small area first, and was still feeling a bit skeptical. See that glare on the bottom of the white tile? That’s the edge of where I applied it. But I figured this floor couldn’t look any worse, so why not go for it!

DSC_0169 B

First, it recommends cleaning the floor with an ammonia and water solution. Then just squirt it on the dry floor, spread with a sponge mop or flat mop, and let dry for 30 minutes. (Make sure you mop yourself out of of the room and try not to go back over areas you’ve already done. As it dries it gets a bit sticky, and it can cause streaks!) After one coat, I was pretty stoked! But I waited the recommended 8 hours and applied a second coat.

And I was so excited! Prepare to be amazed. Or not to be able to tell at all…but hey, I can tell! And it’s awesome. Here’s a before and after.

DSC_0157 B

DSC_0207 A

See? The after is so much more reflective! It’s a subtle difference, I know…but I promise it’s there! After living with this floor for over 2 years and being so frustrated when it looks just as dingy after mopping as it did before, this is a pretty great change! I didn’t think anything could make it shiny! Here are a few more angles. Before…

DSC_0159 B


DSC_0204 A


DSC_0161 B


DSC_0201 A

It almost looks…wet! We always joked when we were mopping that if we could just keep it wet all the time, it would look better. Well ta-da!

DSC_0200 A

Here’s another before from the opposite side of the kitchen. Notice the difference in the reflections on the floor.

DSC_0171 B

And after. Minus a cat, plus reflectiveness!

DSC_0210 A

It may seem like a small thing, but we’re pretty ecstatic. It doesn’t fix the squishy-ness of the floor or any of the cracked tiles, and of course, it’s not any less blue, but for now it makes me smile every time I go into the kitchen and see my shiny floor.

DSC_0209 A

In a fixer-upper, you have to find joy in the little things! So even though the floor is still hideous, at least now it looks a little less abused and maybe a few years newer. And to top it all off, the product was cheap and the process was really easy! Those are the best kinds of projects!


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