Patio door drama: Resolved

Last summer we got new windows installed. Shortly thereafter, we bought a new center-hinged patio door to replace our sliding door, which was super hard to open, let in way too much heat (or cold), and didn’t lock (except with a stick at the bottom).


We realized it was slightly taller and wider than the old patio door so we hired some pros to come replace the header and install the new door.


To save on cost, though, told them to leave the finishing up to us. Which, of course, meant it didn’t get done for, um, a while. A LONG while.


We got drywall up and mudded within a few weeks, but sort of put off the rest of it. You know, like painting the wall, painting the door, putting up new trim…


Our procrastination wasn’t just out of sheer laziness. Though that may have been the biggest factor. Hehe. I was also a little bit nervous to paint this door! I just didn’t want to mess it up! But finally a few weeks before Christmas we got around to it. After repainting the wall (the ENTIRE wall, since this paint doesn’t touch up well) and painting and installing trim, I started on the door.

When painting doors, I prefer to do one section at a time and let it dry before doing the next. I prefer this over painting it all once because I always find that the paint starts drying before you can finish, leaving drag marks in the paint. So first I taped all of the glass and painted the inside trim pieces first. Once that was dry, I painted the two horizontal sections on the top and bottom of the doors.


Our patio door is fiberglass, but has a faux wood grain texture. Personally, I prefer this over a metal door because it hides brush marks so much better! And I’m just not really fond of painting metal doors in general…I may have had a slight breakdown when painting the inside of our metal front door a while back. And yeah, there were tears.

There’s a very fine line where the grain of the horizontal pieces and vertical pieces meet , so I overlapped it just slightly…


And then tried to paint right along it when painting the vertical sections. After a couple of coats on the door and some caulking of our trim, we finally had a completed project!


At least from the inside. The outside of the door still isn’t painted (it came primed), and of course we have no deck. I really would prefer to be able to stand on a deck to paint the door…Or else that’s my excuse because I don’t want to paint the outside of the door.

But at least from the inside it looks complete! We’re still loving the patio door over the slider we had before. Of course I love that it actually locks. Go figure. And it doesn’t allow the kitchen to get as hot or cold as the old one did. Plus it’s just way prettier!


Now that the craziness of the holidays is over, hopefully we can get back into the swing of projects…we’ve got quite a list of things to get done this year!!


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