Paint Chip Christmas Tags

Well, I’m back! And feeling mostly caught up after 13 days of being away from home! We loved being able to spend so much time with each side of our family, but boy did it wear us out to be away from home for so long!

Now that I’m finally rested, I wanted to share what we did for our Christmas wrapping! Last year we decided to make our own wooden gift tags, and this year we used some of the extra wooden tags as Christmas ornaments on our “DIY” tree!


After that, we couldn’t just go back to ordinary gift tags, so we finally settled on buying plain white card-stock tags and then decorating them with designs made out of paint chips.


I love painting, I love paint chips (I have quite a collection on hand at all times!), and Andrew works for the company that owns Behr paint, so we felt it represented us. To go with our homemade tags, we bought two rolls of patterned brown wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.


We made several different designs out of the paint chips including several styles of trees like this one which is simply one big triangle plus a trunk…


This one which was stenciled from a mini cookie cutter…


And my personal favorite, this tree, made from 3 different triangles stacked together.


We also made a few candy canes out of red paint chips.


And a custom bone for my brother and sister-in-law’s pup. Who also got different wrapping paper, since his gift wasn’t in a box and the brown paper tore more easily.


We adhered the designs to the tags using double sided tape.

Word to the wise (I’ve said this before regarding painter’s tape, and apparently the same holds true with double sided tape!), buy Scotch/3M double sided tape! I ran out of it part way through my wrapping and wanting to save a dollar, bought Duck brand double sided tape instead.  The ends of all those presents kept coming undone! So unless you’re buying Duck brand duct tape, stick to Scotch!

Then we stamped names on the other side of the tags.


We also bought two different sizes of tags to use according to the size of the gift. The one above is the small tag and below is the bigger size. The big ones also came in handy for family members that have long names!


We finished some of the gifts off by wrapping white freezer paper or tan packing paper (or even the opposite brown wrapping paper) around the middle.


Then we attached the tags with red and white baker’s twine.


This stuff was hard to find! Hobby Lobby seems to run out of it months before Christmas (We looked the year before, too!). Not to mention that you pay over $5 for it and barely get any. I found this half pound cone on Amazon for just under $10 and free shipping with Prime. It is thin, but there’s so much on the roll that I didn’t hesitate to wrap it around gifts several times. I used it on all our gifts, some of our ornaments, and several other Christmas crafts and the roll doesn’t look any smaller!

We wrapped gifts for each other at the very end and didn’t feel like making more tags, so we just stamped the names directly onto the paper, which turned out to be pretty cute, too!



And here’s all of our gifts under our little tree.


I loved the white paper we used last year, but it’s way easier to wrap using full length rolls vs. a short roll of freezer paper! And since we bought this wrapping paper when Christmas items were 50% off, they really weren’t too expensive (maybe $4 each)! Plus we still have at least half of each roll leftover, not that we’ll use them next year since I love doing new things, but we’ll see!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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