Trimming the tree

This year Andrew and I decided we wanted to make all of our own Christmas ornaments for our tree. This would’ve been our third year to use our same ornaments, and when it comes to decorating, I always want to change everything! Funny, that’s the only area of my life in which I like change…maybe because it’s temporary? Well, psychoanalysis aside, Andrew agreed. And here is the result!


It’s a little more kitschy than I usually go for as I’m a theme tree person all the way, but I have to admit, I love that everything on it is unique! And I guess “DIY” is the theme. It’s also a little crammed-in-the-corner looking…we didn’t have the secretary or the rug last year. Oh well.


We did use some clear glass ornaments, so technically we didn’t hand make everything. But we needed something round as a base for some of the ornaments! If you don’t have kids, I don’t think you’re allowed to have pasta on the tree, so no pasta angels for us. We filled up the glass ornaments with several different things, but from far away, they look fairly similar and cohesive.

We filled them with paper, dried berries and twigs, feathers, fake holly sprigs, sparkly ribbon, etc. (Not all pictured.)




And my favorite, sand and seashells from our trip to Destin!


To add some texture, we used some of our extra homemade wooden gift tags from last Christmas.



I still love them! So much!


Then I folded some tissue paper flowers (check out this tutorial if you don’t know how to make them).


I only used 5 sheets of tissue paper for each flower, stapled the middle after folding, and then attached them to straightened out paper clips and fluffed. Then I just poked them into the tree! Sidenote, why does silver tissue paper smell soooo bad and chemically? Weird.


We also made several different kinds of ornaments out of paper. I made these using this tutorial.


They turned out super cute, but I didn’t have double-sided paper so I glued all of my circles together, which added a step to an already time-consuming process. I only made 4 because I did not want to cut out any more circles!


Word to the wise, use double-sided paper or print your own! Less circles to cut and no gluing pieces together. Also, I didn’t have glue dots like the tutorial recommends so I used double-sided tape, but I don’t think it works as well. So, what have we learned? Double-sided paper, no double-sided tape! 🙂

I found this tutorial for these little paper wreaths that are just sooo cute! They’re really easy to make and you don’t need double-sided paper. I made a few in the size that she recommends and a few smaller ones, too.



And last but not least, of course I had to make something with paint chips to go on the tree! You may have noticed it in the picture above…I made two of these. And there’s another cute wreath.


To make the paint chip ornament, I chose 5 different shades of a similar color and cut out 8 to 12 circles of each using a 1″ circle punch. Then I taped them onto a plain round ornament using double-sided tape, starting at the bottom with the darkest color and working my way up. They were pretty time-intensive, too, but I think they’re my favorite!

To top it off, literally, I cut out a star for the top of the tree and folded each point to make it a little more 3d. I usually prefer a bow on the top of my tree instead of a star, but this year is all about doing something different! The skirt is just a piece of stripey turquoise fabric from Hobby Lobby. And that’s our tree!


I still want a slightly taller tree…but that’s a change for another year. Happy Christmas decorating!

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