Introducing Audrina

Who is Audrina, you ask? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with crouch or…hm, can’t think of anything that rhymes with SOFA! Yep, we finally pulled the trigger on a new couch! You may remember this big guy…


We bought this couch over 4 years ago for our first home together, a 50 year old 600 square foot cinder block duplex on the campus of our university. We weren’t allowed to paint and weren’t even supposed to drill into the walls, so we relied on our red couch to add some color and vibrancy to an otherwise dingy apartment. Not only was it a really good price on Craigslist and in almost new condition, but it wasn’t your grandma’s floral print hand-me-down sofa. Big win!

It has been a good couch for us, but as soon as we moved into this house and saw it against the oak wood floors (too much orange and red!), we knew we wanted something more neutral and contemporary. Enter Miss Audrina.Fullscreen capture 10312013 31624 PM

Isn’t she fab?? And just a little bit mid-century? Ok, so while I love that color combo, that picture is just to demonstrate the style of the sofa. But boy, was it hard to find!! After perusing several different mid-scale furniture stores, we realized that we might not find a sofa that fit all our criteria:

  • Grey or greige colored (nothing too warm because of our wood floors)
  • Contemporary style (square & low arms, no skirt, modern lines)
  • NOT microfiber
  • Preferably removable and reversible cushions all around
  • Preferably with a subtle pattern conducive to stain blocking

Like I said, we weren’t finding it. Our measly $600 limit wasn’t helping, but we don’t exactly have a “new couch” line item in our budget. To acquire this new couch, I’ve literally been saving cash from miscellaneous things like birthdays and redone furniture that I’ve sold in an envelope labeled “couch fund.” After several disappointing stores, we ventured into a slightly more high-end furniture store against our better judgement.

But then we saw her. The Klaussner Audrina sofa. Square, low arms. No skirt. All removable and reversible cushions.

photo (1)

Alright, so that picture is terrible and the cushions are all messed up because we were just flipping them all around to inspect them. But anyway, we got kind of excited. Even more excited when the associate helping us said that we could customize the fabric. At all the other stores we’d been to, what you saw was what you got. No customization available.

So went back into the design room and flipped through book after book of swatches while the employees brought us coffee and hot cookies. Wonderfulness. And this is what we came up with. The couch fabric (left) is called Eddy Smoke and the pillow fabric (right) is called Catkin Indigo. I wanted a pillow fabric that could also go in our guest bedroom or our master bedroom. In fact, they might start out elsewhere because I have two totally adorable pillows that have just been waiting for our new couch. Don’t ask how long I’ve had them…

photo (6)

We brought it out to look at it on the couch, but I was still a bit hesitant about buying something that we couldn’t see. Then we realized that this couch, though not the same brand, had the exact same fabric on it.


The pictures don’t make them look the same at all, but they are. We laid the swatch on that couch and it disappeared. They were identical. And I was sold. It’s definitely grey, but dark enough and patterned enough that I think it will hide stains wonderfully! It also happens to be 100% polyester, which apparently is the best fabric for couches because of its durability and resistance to stains. Woo!

We placed the order the next day, but not before checking out the “customization” feature on Klaussner’s website. The actual fabric, Eddy Smoke, looks really yellow on their website, so I tried to find a few others that might be close. And yet, they’re all so different, so really, I have no idea!

Klaussner Living Room Audrina Sofa K31600 S - Klaussner Home Furnishings - Asheboro, North Carolina - Google Chrome 10312013 32423 PM Klaussner Living Room Audrina Sofa K31600 S - Klaussner Home Furnishings - Asheboro, North Carolina - Google Chrome 10312013 32222 PM Klaussner Living Room Audrina Sofa K31600 S - Klaussner Home Furnishings - Asheboro, North Carolina - Google Chrome 10312013 32157 PM Fullscreen capture 10312013 31734 PM

I’m freaking out just a little bit, but I keep looking at my pictures of the couch and the fabric and reminding myself how much I love them. And I better love it, because we went over budget.  Here’s the breakdown-ish.

  • Base price of $650ish (?) for the sofa
  • $150ish for the upgraded custom fabric
  • $79 for the Valspar Elite Protection Program. It’s some kind of water proofing fabric treatment plus a 5 year warranty. If you stain the couch and can’t get it out, they’ll clean it for you or replace it if it won’t come out. Totally worth it to me!
  • $40 for delivery. Cheapest delivery price we heard all day!
  • Less 18ish% off from the Columbus Day sale and a 2% cash discount.
  • $87.62 for tax. Curse you government. Eating a piece of my couch pie.

TOTAL: $986.28

Like I said, a little over, but we also put our $200 monthly “house” budget toward it since we didn’t spend money on any other projects or house items this month! That has got to be a first, people! We’ll also “reimburse” our house fund with any money we make selling our old couch.

Well, it’s supposed to be available for delivery the last week of November! I’m super excited but also really nervous! This is the most expensive piece of furniture we’ve ever bought! Even our “nicer” mattress was only $500! Here’s hoping it was worth every penny!

2 Responses to Introducing Audrina

  1. talkingcat August 9, 2015 at 7:18 pm #

    I know I’m a little late to the party, but I wonder if you could share what store you found your couch in? I saw this at Conn’s, Target and Wayfair. It is just what I’m looking for. The style is right, the price is right; but the customer service/delivery reviews have put me off ordering from any of them.
    However, no one has really complained about the furniture itself. After owning it for over a year now, do you have any complaints about its quality/manufacture? Would appreciate your insights.
    Thanks for listening.
    Terri T. in Phoenix, AZ

    • Simple House Expressions August 10, 2015 at 12:34 pm #

      Hi Terri!

      We got the Audrina sofa at a furniture store called Brashears, and I know at least one other furniture store in our area carried it, too. If you go to the Klaussner website (, there’s a “Find a dealer” option at the top so you could either go to those stores or call to ask if they carry this sofa. Or they might have other options you would like! We chose to buy it from a furniture store because we had way more fabric options (There must have been at least 100 swatches!) and we wanted a more textured/multicolored fabric than Wayfair offers. If you like the one from Wayfair, though, I would go with it because it is significantly cheaper than ordering one custom! (But you could always go to furniture stores to test it out!)

      Here are pictures of our sofa:

      We’ve had it for over a year and a half and still love it! I think it’s holding up really well so far and we have no complaints whatsoever! I am particular about rotating the cushions every month and flipping them every six months. Being able to flip all the cushions over really helps preserve the shape, I think. Even if you don’t end up with the Audrina, I would definitely recommend getting one with reversible back and seat cushions! So worth it! Also, our fabric is 100% polyester which is said to be the most durable and stain resistant option. I definitely think that’s true. We’ve gotten a few things on the couch (red sauce, grease, chocolate, even crayon!) and so far we’ve been able to remove every stain completely and without leaving any water rings. Seems durable to me!

      Good luck with your couch purchase!