Hanging out in the backyard

We still don’t have a deck, so no, we’re not hanging out in the backyard, but our hose is thanks to our new wall mounted hose holder!


I know, probably seems ridiculous to be so excited about it, but we’ve been wanting one for a while and just couldn’t bring ourselves to spend $30 or $40 on one. The plastic ones are obviously cheaper, but the cute metal medallion ones are at least that expensive. Crazy! So when we came across this little guy on clearance at Target for $15, we snatched it up and took it home.


And I had to share it because it’s another excuse to look at how much better our house looks now that it’s painted! This is what it looked like before we painted…and our poor hose just laid on the ground.


And now with grey siding, white trim, crisp white gutters and our new hose holder it’s looking rather dapper, don’t you think?


Although at some point in the future we will need to replace this siding because of the rot at the bottom…


But seriously, I’d rather just admire my $15 hose hanger and ignore all the problems in our backyard. Now we just need a new hose. This yellow “kink-free” hose is about as kinky as they come and trying to get it on the holder was one of the most frustrating moments on my life! I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it!

So how about another before picture? I find it soothing to look at before pictures and know that I never have to see it in person again!


So gross…just blech. And now it’s just so clean and gray. Since this large expanse of siding has no windows or other details, I would love to add some kind of outdoor decor like metal medallions, iron wall art, an outdoor clock, etc.


So there you have it. Unfortunately, that’s one of the few projects we’ve actually completed lately. We’re mid-process on a LOT of things, but haven’t completed much of anything. And we probably won’t be finishing much in the next week because we’re leaving for our cruise in T minus 7 days! Eek! We’re excited!


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