Scrapping our gutters

Before we even bought our house, we knew we’d have to replace the gutters. Before we could, though, we had to repair fascia and repaint the house. So we waited. And dealt with issues like this.


Clearly, these gutters weren’t doing their job! There were so many holes and bent or leaking areas that we just couldn’t salvage them.

So we did a little research and realized we’d need to choose between seamless or standard gutters. You can buy standard gutters at home improvement stores and install them yourself, but the longest they come is around 10 feet per piece. The first section of our house is 20′ long and the part over the front door and garage is 40′, so we would have had a lot of seams!


They only come in basic colors, whereas you have about 20 choices with the seamless. But, of course, we just went with white to match our windows.

There’s also a significant price difference, but it was worth it to us to have the seamless gutters as well as bigger downspouts. I believe standard downspouts are 3″ x 4″, but since we have that 40′ long section and didn’t want downspouts on both ends of it (one would have been right by the front door…yuck!), we went with 4″ x 5″ downspouts and wider gutters.

Here are the original gutters. Notice the small downspout and how the lowest point is actually the corner…


And here are the pretty new white ones that actually work!


Andrew could have installed them himself, but he probably would have needed help from someone else. Plus we already had enough work with painting the house and tons of other unfinished projects! It was awesome to have someone else install them while Andrew was at work and I was in the air conditioned house drinking coffee! Such a nice change from the way projects normally go around here, and definitely worth a little extra dough!


We also added a few extra downspouts from what we had before. On the back, we only had one downspout for this whole section of the house. (Notice there isn’t one on the left side of the picture.)


All of that water was supposed to go around the corner into the downspout which feeds into a buried drain that goes around the house. But once again, the corner was actually the lowest point, not the downspout.


And the narrow gutters and downspouts were not enough for runoff from pretty much half of our house, so they just overflowed any time it rained. And poured right onto our brand new air conditioner. With all of our yard sloping towards that area, too, we really need the gutters to carry away as much water as possible.

So we added a downspout to this side…


And they sloped everything away from the corner. He said they struggled the most with that section because the roof line of the back addition (on the right of the picture below) is actually lower than the rest of the house. But there’s nothing we can do about it and they did manage to get it sloping the right way, so it all turned out just fine.


I especially love this view of the side of our house. It makes me laugh because everything was just so bad before!


There wasn’t even an end piece on this gutter! And the fascia…blech. But now it’s nice and white and we have pretty new gutters…if gutters can be pretty! They’re certainly a site for our sore eyes!


The left side of the front of our house didn’t have a gutter or downspout at all, so that was also a necessary addition and added cost. But it should help protect our fascia and keep water moving away from our house, not towards our foundation. During the spring (when it rains a ton in Arkansas!) our azaleas will be glad that they’re not the recipients of all the runoff from the roof!


The gutters ended up being $846 for all the materials and installation. We’re really happy with how great the seamless gutters look, we love that they’re wider and bigger around (sometimes that extra capacity is needed for how much rain we get!), and it was so awesome to have them done by someone else!


They really complete our painting project and and make our house look cared for and updated. I never knew I could be so excited about gutters!


It’s even raining right now, but unfortunately I’m in Little Rock visiting my family so I can’t watch them to see if they’re working! Hopefully, they reduce the amount of standing water in our back yard. Fingers crossed!


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