House Painting Madness

I’m happy to say we finally have an update on our house painting project! We started this project in July and got off to a strong start with power washingpicking colors, scraping, caulking (so much caulking!), and other random prep work.


But then we had really bad luck with the weather. It rained for like 3 weeks straight! Even if there was a day with no rain, the humidity prevented the moisture from evaporating out of the siding, so we couldn’t paint. Some of the caulking didn’t dry for days, no joke.

Once it finally stopped raining, we got right back to it but things were just moving so slowly! A contractor friend of ours had offered to let us use his professional paint sprayer, but we thought the prep work required to protect everything might be too much work, so we opted for brushes and a super high nap roller instead. After priming most of the house, we realized we had to try something else. We would be outside for hours and only get one small section of the trim and soffit painted. Talk about discouraging since we needed to do one coat of primer plus 2 coats of paint. So we brought home this little guy…


And started the prep work. We picked up a bunch of cardboard boxes to protect the roof from overspray and bought several rolls of brown paper and TONS of tape (don’t skimp on tape, gotta use Scotch Blue!).

I think people usually paint the siding first and then cut in the trim, but we did our trim first. Some of our trim is rough cut cedar which makes it hard to get clean cut in lines, and the siding is very textured so we didn’t think we could tape the siding very well. We prepped every section for the white trim and then sprayed everything in one go (the sprayer is a pain to clean out and wastes a little bit of paint each time.)


We finished all of the white trim the first weekend we had the sprayer, and the prep work was a lot easier for that because we didn’t have to protect the siding.


Once the trim was done, we decided to wait until the next weekend so that the white would have time to cure before we taped it and so we would have ample time to work. Taping for the grey required a lot more…including really carefully placed tape to protect the white trim.


We were a little discouraged at first after spending hours taping and cutting paper…but once we turned on the sprayer, talk about a change of heart. It was sooooo fast! And it covered incredibly well. We probably could have gotten away with one coat, at least for the grey. Here’s one end of our house before the prep work.


Grossness. And after doing both colors!


Since the back of the house is all siding, we also wanted to cover the ground and cinder block foundation, so we propped cardboard boxes up underneath the siding. We bought large sheets of plastic and cut them to cover doors and windows.


On the back of the addition part of the house, the siding is closer to the ground (too close, actually), so we re-used brown paper from one of the sides. About 5 pieces of siding here need to be replaced because of rot from touching the ground, but we might not get to regrading for a while and we didn’t want the same thing to happen to new siding. Another project for another day. We had to stop making excuses for why we couldn’t repaint yet!


We used tape and small pieces of brown paper to cover every inch of the white trim.


Once all of that prep work was done, it was time to start spraying! To give you an idea of how fast the sprayer was, this whole section (not just the painted part) took Andrew about 2 minutes, even with a few pauses (we did the part above the roof by hand.)


The whole back part of the house took less than 30 minutes. After the first coat we left the paint in the sprayer, ate a quick lunch, and then sprayed the second coat (It was hot enough that the paint dried really fast). The back of the house definitely looks the most transformed since it has more siding. And looked so bad before…


If you ignore the backyard, it looks pretty good, no?


And now this white door in the back of our garage doesn’t look so weird against a cream house!

DSC_0098   DSC_0018

I love the white trim details. Before it was all the same cream.


Doing a different trim color does add some extra work, but it’s worth it in our opinion! It makes a house so much more interesting!


We don’t have great before and afters of the front yet, though, cause we still need to do one more coat of white on the garage door, paint the shutters, paint the crawl space vents,  paint the tan trim and railing around the front door, and paint the mailbox post. We don’t want any tan remnants left to remind people of the previous color! We took our shutters down this past weekend to paint them, so our house currently looks like this. How sad does it look??


Poor house. But hopefully very soon all these little details will start coming together! And if you’re planning to repaint a house yourself, try to find a paint sprayer! Seriously, so worth it.

Update: Check out the finished shutters, new gutters, and a house painting budget breakdown!


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