Some new old decor

Yeah, I know, we just keep buying old stuff. We can’t help it! We prefer old furniture! And we love going to garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets which naturally leads to us buying more stuff. A few weeks ago, we ventured into the Flying Dog Vintage Mall in Fayetteville with some friends visiting from out of town. If you’ve never been there and live in the area, check it out. It’s a bit strange and might give you a scare (hint: a bloody life-sized figurine hiding around a corner), but there are definitely some treasures to be found!

We found this little guy for $19.


No, not the cat. The chair. Although they might have a store cat, too? We happened upon this mid-century style office chair in one of the booths and immediately thought of it for our home office…whenever we get around to redoing that, of course. We’re not sure that it was technically made in the “mid-century”, but maybe in the 70’s. It did have this tag, but unfortunately no date.


It’s in great condition and after looking up stuff online, we realized this chair is more common with black…pleather? We’re so glad we found a brown colored one. It has so much more character! I think we’ll leave the wooden arms and cushions just as they are (since they’re in good shape), but we might paint the metal frame. Haven’t decided yet or figured out what color.

For now, the chair’s hanging out in our bedroom with the settee.


Eventually, we want a comfy upholstered chair here (and maybe a rug and table, too), but for now we didn’t want the bedroom to look so empty, and we didn’t want to keep adding pieces of furniture to our already random office “decor.” Really it looks more like a slightly empty storage unit at the moment…

Chaucer loved the chair, probably because he thought it brought out the color of his eyes and made him feel like he was on the set of Mad Men.


He always has to be right at the center of whatever I’m doing! Generally he’s laying on whatever I’m trying to clean, put away, work on, etc. What a helpful fluff.


I even brought in our funky little mid-century footstool. They kind of go together!


Haha, too much? Probably. We also added another piece of decor recently. Andrew made this stump “side table” from the remains of a huge, dead tree our neighbors cut down.


He cut it to size with a chain saw, and then used a belt sander to smooth out and level the ends.


It sort of blends in with our floor, but I think when it’s in the office up against a darker paint color (and maybe with a rug) it will stand out a little better.


I think it has two center points because this was cut just under where two branches connected, also causing the stump to get bigger at the top.


We’ve toyed around with the idea of staining or painting and lacquering the top, but for now we love the beauty of the natural grain. Coasters will just be a necessity!

And still more of the fluffy Chaucer. He’s just too fluffy and orange!


Now that we’re starting to get pieces of furniture and some decor items for the office, I really want to do it now, but we have so many other unfinished projects that have to be completed first! But c’mon, wouldn’t you want to get your hands on it right away, too, if your office looked like this?


Sigh…it will be your turn someday, mister office.


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