A house of strange proportions

In keeping with our blog updates theme from earlier this week, we wanted to share our recently completed floor plan! Talk about a lot of measuring! And for a perfectionist like me, you know I measured everything down to the inch!

The house used to be a rectangle, so that small closet in the master bedroom was the only one (we use it purely for storage, which is awesome!), and the master bath must have been really small. The addition was done sometime in the early 2000’s. The house is on a crawl space that’s about 3 feet off the ground, so the garage is a few steps lower.

Simple House Expressions Floorplan

And yes, it’s actually to scale. Yep, our master closet is almost the same size as the office. And our master bathroom is twice the size of our guest bathroom. And our eat in area is actually bigger than the office. Or the closet. Or the guest room.

Our house does have some weird proportions, but we love the huge walk-in closet (it’s now a “must-have” for any future house. Yikes!), we like having a spacious master suite so we’re not bumping elbows when getting ready, and the large eat-in area means we can comfortably have a big dining room table!

So there you have it! Hope this gives you some perspective, and if you haven’t yet, check out our updated house tour!

Our House Tour

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