A little company for a lonely wine rack

Projects have been kinda slow around the Toburen house the past few weeks. We’re still trying to make progress on our house painting, but we’ve been getting a TON of rain and it has really thrown off our schedule! We’re also committed to finishing some projects on our list before starting any new ones, so bear with us! The next few weeks might be sloooooooowwwwww.

You may not remember, but last fall I made a simple centerpiece out of chalk painted glass bottles.

At the end of that post, I said I would have to start collecting bottles so I could do more than three. Well, I did collect some bottles, but ended up finding a different use for them. Even though we only spend about $10 to $12 on a bottle of wine, we don’t buy much of it, and when we do, it doesn’t stay on our wine rack very long. No, we don’t drink it all ourselves! Andrew loves to entertain, and when we have it on hand we can’t help but open a bottle for our guests. But this means our wine rack often looks like this.


Or even this.


“That’s a nice wine rack you got there, but where’s the wine?!” Pretty pointless to have only empty bottles or a completely bare wine rack if you ask me.

So I took some inspiration from my previous chalk painted bottle project and saved our empty bottles. Once I had a few, I painted them with a variety of neutral colors of DIY chalk paint.


I use a ratio of 3 parts satin (eggshell) or flat latex paint to 1 part Plaster of Paris. Mix the plaster with a little water first to remove lumps and then add it to your paint. Stir well. If you add dry plaster to the paint it will end up a bit lumpy.


Then I apply it to the bottles using a cheap natural bristle chip brush because it creates more brush strokes. For even more defined brush strokes, leave the paint open for a little while to allow it to thicken or drag the brush over the drying paint until you achieve the look you want. 


I think chalk paint adheres to glass much better than plain latex paint, and it doesn’t scratch or peel as easily. I did 3 coats on each one, but it doesn’t take long to paint each bottle and the chalk paint dries super fast!

Once they were dry, I arranged them and said hello to my never again empty wine rack! Full bottles of wine might be better, but hey, these were free.


At some point I might paint another empty bottle a bright color like turquoise or red, just to make it pop a little more. Though nothing can “pop” more than that stupid floor. Yes, it really is that bright! It’s probably enough color for the whole kitchen. Or house. Ugh.


We’ve also been saving up our corks to do something with in the future. I can’t decide if I want to put them in a frame or simply transfer them to a larger glass vase. I kind of like the idea of having them in something where we can keep adding to it, plus the frame thing may be a bit overdone. I don’t keep them just for decoration, but because I also like to look back and remember which ones we liked.


Once we redo the kitchen, we won’t have a great place for this wine rack cause we’re planning to extend the cabinets further out on that wall. We’re hoping to have a small built in wine rack somewhere for just 4 or 5 bottles. Until then, these bottles are great for filling up some space!


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