Fourthiversary Festivities

Happy anniversary to us! Today is our 4th wedding anniversary, or as we like to call it, our Fourthiversary.


Each year we get a bit lazier with our anniversary celebrations, as I’m sure almost all couples do, but I also get more and more ok with that. This year is no exception, but partly because we’ve finally planned our first real vacation since our honeymoon and so don’t want to spend very much. This fall, we’re going on a cruise with my brother and sister-in-law and we’re super excited! We’ll probably go out to eat or something tomorrow evening, but our celebration will also include going to the passport office to apply for new passports. We’ve already been there once and they were quite rude, so we’re not terribly excited about that…

But back to business. Guess what fun plans we have in store for today? More painting prep on our house!! We’re still making progress, but it’s been a bit more “slow and steady” than we were hoping. Other than these two sides of the house, all the siding has at least been power washed.


We finally were able to borrow a tall ladder from our neighbor so Andrew could start scraping what’s left of a huge vine that was climbing all over our house when we first moved in. There are still tiny specks left behind that neither the power washer nor the scraper could get rid of, but after it’s painted I don’t think you’ll be able to tell.


He also had to replace fascia board in a few areas (with cedar, of course), and hammered in loose nails on all the fascia around the whole house.



Luckily, we only had this one small area of soffit that had rotted and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a piece this small, so we had to buy a whole sheet of it for $28. We couldn’t just buy something else either, because this is more resistant to water than regular plywood and the grain matches the rest of the soffit. But hey, I guess now we can replace pieces of our soffit whenever it suits our fancy!


Lastly, we had one small piece of siding and fascia to replace above the back of our garage. The roofers did something kinda funky with the flashing over here, so that section of siding and fascia were a bit water damaged.


At some point, we think we’ll need to replace all 5 pieces of siding on the back of the addition part of the house. The dirt is too high there, so the siding touches the river rock causing a bit of damage to the bottom of each piece, especially under the spigot. Until we re-grade that section of the yard and take out some of the dirt, though, the problem will just keep happening. Whenever we do replace them, it won’t be too difficult or time consuming to repaint it then. Plus, we just need to keep moving and couldn’t give ourselves the excuse. “Before we repaint we need to replace that siding, but before we replace that siding we need to re-grade the path…” And so on and so forth.


Now we just need to finish cleaning up/power washing those sides and caulk gaps between fascia, soffit, in between siding pieces, etc, and then we’ll be ready to start priming!

As for the garage door, blech. I’ve been working on it while Andrew does all the other stuff (things that require being up high and having muscles), but without much luck. We finally finished scraping it, caulked all the edges of the middle panels, and primed it. But unfortunately for me, the tannins in the cedar boards are bleeding through my latex primer. See that yellow spot?


The middle inset panels aren’t bleeding at all, but the cedar trim pieces are the part we’re going to paint white, so the bleeding has to stop before we can paint. Today we’re going to suck it up and return one of our cans of Kilz latex for an exterior oil primer so we can just move on. The whole reason I usually choose latex is because it’s easier, but if you have to apply 4 or 5 coats of latex primer to one coat of oil, is it really easier? Probably not.


I will be really mad, though, if it keeps bleeding through the oil! If it does, it might be time to throw in the towel and buy an aluminum garage door! Hopefully things don’t come to that!


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