Neglected windows

Since we can now see clearly through our new windows, I decided it was finally time to pay some much needed attention to our garage door windows, too.


We have a super heavy wooden garage door (which required special springs when we got our garage door motor replaced), but since it’s visible from the front and is a large part of the facade, we love that it adds character and isn’t just plain aluminum. I think it’s worth replacing the garage door motor a few years earlier…if it comes to that. It also takes two grown men to open when the power goes out. But whatever. I love it.


But I haven’t cleaned these windows since we moved in, which was about 1 year and 9 months ago. The house sat empty for about 9 months before that, and I think I can assume the previous owners probably didn’t clean them all that often either. Who does? So I think it’s safe to say it’s been at least 3 years, probably more.

First, I sprayed them with a hose to try to loosen some of the dirt. Since there’s this big overhang across the front of our house, the garage door doesn’t really get wet, and even if rain is blowing I don’t think the windows ever get wet. Then I scrubbed them one at a time with some soapy water and an old dish brush (seriously one of my favorite cleaning tools! So much better than a scrubby brush without a handle!) and rinsed again with the hose.


Here I’ve done the two on the left, obviously. I never realized before that the windows weren’t reflective!! Haha, how disgusting!


Unfortunately, it did cause a water stain on one of the bottom panels, but we have a house painting project in our near future anyway! We are so excited. It’s gonna be great. Especially scraping all this peeling paint off the garage door. Anyone feel like painting??


I even cleaned the inside! I went into our hot, stuffy, incredibly messy garage and wiped each window with a wet rag followed by Windex and paper towels. Just to make sure they were nice and clean, I then dried the outside and cleaned them with Windex, too. If you’re gonna do it, go all out, right?

Here’s the cloudy before…


And the super shiny, reflective after!


Most people probably wouldn’t notice, but it makes a huge difference to us and goes a long way to making our house look cared for and well maintained. I can’t believe I haven’t cleaned them until now! How often do you suppose you should clean garage door windows? Once a year seems like a big commitment. I’m thinking every other year should be sufficient. Now just imagine the door painted grey with fresh white trim!

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2 Responses to Neglected windows

  1. Dri May 23, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    At first I was thinking, “before and after pics probably aren’t going to be that different”, but man, that’s impressive! Yay for quality garage doors, even if they’re a little dirty.

    • Simple House Expressions May 28, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

      I know! I wasn’t going to write a blog post about it and just took pictures to show Andrew. When I saw how much better they looked, though, I decided I needed to document it to encourage myself to clean them more often!