Bigger is Better

Take it from this AT&T commercial: bigger is better. And that’s true of these new knobs for my closet doors, too!


A few weeks ago, Andrew installed a new kitchen faucet that we got for free from his employer’s sample sale. We also got a few other fun things, including these new oil rubbed bronze knobs made by Liberty Hardware (called 1 3/8″ double beaded knob).

They’re normally around $4 each, but we got them for free! As soon as I saw them stashed amid the piles and piles of samples at the MASCO office, I immediately thought of our closets and the knobs they’re currently sporting.


We have bifold doors on the closets in each of the bedrooms, and bifold doors on our laundry closet in our kitchen. Shortly after we moved in, I purchased the biggest satin nickel pulls I could find (and still liked)  for our laundry room doors, but didn’t bother buying enough for all the closets. Now, I can’t find those same knobs, so I’ve put off finding another solution. It’s hard to find large cabinet knobs and not spend a fortune!

Not only were these free, but I loved the look of them, and they’re much bigger and more substantial than the previous ones. Not to mention way prettier!


See how dinky the old knob is in comparison? The new ones also feel a lot more substantial in your hand, not like they’re going to snap off like the old ones. I was also really glad that we could keep it consistent between the 3 bedrooms. We want our house to feel cohesive, so whenever possible we try to incorporate similar elements in the different rooms.

It’s hard to tell from a distance, but here’s before…


And after.


It’s a subtle change, but one that I’m really excited about. Free is an awesome price for a little upgrade, and now it’s one less thing on my list that needs done! And I’m just really glad to be getting rid of these sad little pulls…


And have something pretty instead!


We also brought home an extra set for whenever we build cabinets doors for this shelf in the living room.


We feel like we have too many shelving/knick-knack areas in our living room, so we’re going to cover the bottom 2 shelves so there’s less space to decorate and more storage! Now we’ll have cute knobs that coordinate with the other rooms in our house!

On a different note, today is window day!!! They’re here right now installing new, white, double hung windows! I’m pretty excited, but also a bit nervous. Our current windows are black and blend in fairly well with our dark brick exterior, so I’m afraid the white could be kind of stark. I’ll try to post about them later this week. Stay tuned!


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