A free faucet upgrade

So I love my husband’s new job! I love it for a lot of reasons, like a great atmosphere for him, a boss that really cares about his success and growth, free bottled root beer (hehe, only kind of kidding…Andrew loves it!), great benefits, etc. But really, let’s be honest, the biggest reason I’m a fan of his job are the occasional free products and great employee discounts! 😉

He works for MASCO, who sells a lot of products that we as DIYers can really make use of like Delta faucets, Kilz and Behr paint, Kraft Maid Cabinetry (new kitchen, anyone??), Liberty Hardware, etc. It’s an awesome fit for him because we can really get behind the brands! Delta is already a favorite, like the awesome Delta faucet in our renovated guest bathroom that we bought before he started this job (aka at full price). But it was worth every penny!

Recently they were having a sample sale to get rid of a bunch of sample product, as a lot of vendors do, and we got to go “shopping” before the sale! One of my favorite items was a new kitchen faucet. Here’s before.


And here’s the new, stainless steel after!


Before, we had pretty much the cheapest possible option for a kitchen faucet. And it had the external air gap (the little silver thing to the right of the faucet), which I hate because it’s one extra thing that has to be around my sink, but looks like it serves no purpose.


I’m not quite sure how Andrew handled that, since the new faucet doesn’t have an air gap…something about solving that problem with the way he mounted the hose under the sink…or it not being required by code anymore? I don’t know. He asked a contractor friend about it, and I’m just going to assume that he followed his advice. 🙂

Our new faucet is by Peerless. They have quite a range of faucets priced from about $30 up to almost $200. The cheaper ones look about like our old one, which to me look like the kind of “builder grade” you find in an apartment, not a house.


This Peerless faucet may not be one of their high-end ones, and it’s low arc, but it certainly looks nicer than before! Plus, this faucet still runs about $130, so pretty awesome to get one for free! Like I said in my post the other day, little by little we’re trying to neutralize the nastiness. There may not be a lot of features about our house that people love yet, but hopefully there are less and less things to hate. You gotta start somewhere…


It also has some nice features that I’ve really been wanting! It has a pull-out sprayer, which makes cleaning the sink soooo much easier! Even in our 50 year old duplex at our university we still had the cheapo sprayer next to the faucet.


And it can do both a stream of water…


And a spray. 🙂


After almost 4 years of having only kitchen faucets with 2 handles, I am so glad to be back to 1! Hallelujah! So much easier to get the right water temperature, and it also makes it so much easier to turn off! Today my hands were wet, so I was able to push down on the lever with my wrist to turn it off. Easy peasy. It practically makes me giddy!


It also came with a lotion/soap dispenser so we didn’t have an empty hole from the air gap. We decided to put dish soap in it. We use tons of dish soap, and it almost always ends up sitting on the sink, so this way we got rid of one “sink accessory.” We almost always use it instead of hand soap, too. Why? Cause we’re lazy…? Yep, that’s probably it.


I don’t think it’s really supposed to, but ours sticks out over our sink just a tiny bit. I’m actually really excited about that, because if it drips, it will drip right into the sink and get washed away!

I already had to clarify with Andrew, though, that this is not our “forever” faucet. 🙂 Whenever we redo our kitchen, I definitely want to make use of his discount to get us a high arc faucet with a pull-down sprayer. By Delta, of course! Maybe by then the Touch2O will be cheap enough? Hah, yeah right. Until then, I’m loving my little upgrade!


I’ll be sure to post details about our other sample products as we get them installed!


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