Gaps & Cracks

So we’re still in the middle of our main living area project. The end goal is simply to paint, but it’s going to take a while to get there! A little over a week ago we started scraping the popcorn ceiling in the hallway and living room. This past weekend, we scraped the kitchen ceilings and sanded them. If you’ve never scraped popcorn, believe me, it’s a workout! You definitely feel the pain the next day, so we had to pace ourselves. We still have a lot of prep work before we can do the first coat of primer…maybe we’ll be able to prime next weekend.

During this project we’re also discovering lots of side projects that need to be done like cleaning and spray painting the cover for our attic fan, repainting window sills, installing blinds in the living room window, etc.

We also found another issue that needed fixing. When we removed the trim around the front door and door to the garage, we felt cold air blowing in. Our energy bill is high enough, so we want to do anything we can to help. We picked up this can of spray foam for under $4 to fill in the gaps.


Even before we took the trim off, you could feel the draft from the doors and feel a stream of cold air with your hand, so we were eager to improve the seal in any way we could.

This stuff is pretty easy to use. Just put on the little straw attachment, insert it into the gap, and squeeze the trigger.


It comes out fast and you need less than you think as it expands a lot. Looks kinda gross, too.


Beware, this stuff is super sticky! As fun as it looks, don’t wipe off the foam that oozes out with your fingers. Learned my lesson there. Not even Goo Gone could undo that mistake…


Once it’s dry, its really easy to cut off the extra with a utility knife.


And ta-da! No more cold breeze. This is a really simple and cheap fix to a serious problem. Unfortunately, some of our other “side projects” are going to be more labor intensive and/or more expensive!

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