The next big thing

Happy February 1st, everyone! Now that January’s behind us can you feel the productivity returning?? We did almost nothing in January, so we’re giving the January blues the boot and gearing up to start one of the biggest projects on our to do list. Anyone want to  take a gander? No, not the back yard. Still too cold for that. And I still don’t want to talk about it. I NEVER want to talk about it.

The next biggest thing…scraping ceilings and painting our main living area!! This includes the hallway…


Living room…



And kitchen.



I know, I know. Most people probably would have painted already, but if you judge us and wonder why we haven’t done this yet, I dare you to come over on Saturday and see for yourself. We’re not just painting. We have to take off all the trim and label it, scrape the popcorn ceilings, sand, mud, sand again, prime, paint, paint again, prep the walls, prime, paint, paint again, sand all the trim, paint it, reinstall it, sand all the doors (8, I think), paint them, caulk the trim…Anyway, see what I mean?

And not only that, but since we’re scraping we have to move EVERYTHING out of all of these spaces. Have you ever tried to fit all your furniture from your main living areas in the rest of the house and then live in that? Other than a few big items which will go out in the garage, we have to relocate everything to another part of the house. We’re filling up the guest bedroom as much as possible so then we can “live” in the master bedroom and office.

We are really excited for this project, though. Well, let me clarify: excited for it to be done! The main living area is possibly the worst as far as the condition of the paint, the trim, the ceilings, etc. All the trim is dirty and yellowed and pulling away from the wall in spots.


There are reminders of all the previous paint colors this house has seen along the edge of the ceiling. (So far we’ve found bright orange, dark green, dark red, neon yellow, lime green, and navy blue. Those weren’t the colors when we moved in, mind you. Just remnants we’ve found. This house has seen a lot of colors!)



There’s this weird gap on one wall in our kitchen between the wall and ceiling that was never taped and mudded.


And this random white spot that Andrew thought should be there. He did that pretty much as soon as we moved in. Little did he know it would be there for a year and half…


Oh and this lovely remnant of some ripped wallpaper. Not sure what we’re going do about that…once we redo the kitchen there will be a cabinet there, so guess it doesn’t matter too much.


The curtain rods were here when we moved in and we didn’t want to move them until we repainted, but I don’t think that ring is serving any purpose up there. Some people…


And I guess they moved the curtain rod around willy nilly and didn’t care to touch up or remove things from the wall before painting right over them.


And then, of course, there’s this little fiasco from when our fridge’s water line leaked and we had to rip up some of the wood flooring to dry it out.


It hasn’t had trim since then, I’m embarrassed to say.

As much as we hate popcorn, we hate scraping it more and would have considered leaving it if it were in good condition like in some of our neighbors’ houses. But ours is super gross. See?


Most of these imperfections don’t really show up in pictures, so now I feel like I’m exposing all the worst things about our house! Which I am…but hey, we never said it was pretty. It’s called a fixer-upper for a reason, and it will feel so good to get all these things taken care of!

Tonight we have to finish clearing out the space, remove all the trim and label it, and make a trip to Lowe’s to buy a few supplies, namely tons of plastic to cover doorways. I love going to Lowe’s when you’re on the verge of a new project! It gets you pumped!! Then scraping will commence either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Our goal for this project is 2 weeks. But I’m guessing it will take longer…we at least want to be able to “live” in our space again in 2 weeks. Wish us luck!

Meanwhile, Chaucer is enjoying that the kitchen table is in the living room. For some reason he thinks the new location means he’s now allowed to get on it.


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