Avie’s 1st Birthday!

Our niece Avelea turned 1 year old on Friday, and on Saturday her parents threw a big party complete with balloons (which she loved!), a mini cake just for her, and lots of gifts.


So far for all of her gifts (showers and Christmas) we’ve bought her clothes, so we didn’t want to get her clothes again (though there will definitely be more clothes in the future!). Recently she’s taken a liking to books, so we decided to buy her some board books, and give them to her along with these bookends that we bought last year at a garage sale.


At first we were thinking new books, but after realizing they were several dollars a piece, we thought maybe we could find some at a thrift store so we could get her more. Lo and behold, one of our Goodwill stores has a large children’s book section and we were able to find an assorted collection of board books. We thought they’d be $1 a piece, but when we checked out they were only 50 cents each! And no worries, we sanitized every single page of every single book!

Then we painted the bookends. We didn’t love the colors of the bookends (too pastel and typical little girl looking for us) so we wanted them to be something that could go in a little girl’s room, but didn’t look quite so baby-ish. We settled on antique white for the outside part, and a grayish purple for the letters.

I originally thought I would spray paint them, and sprayed a few coats of Ivory Krylon on them.


But even after a few coats it was bubbling slightly, so I sanded them (didn’t take much), and decided to pull out the big guns. I sprayed them with a coat of Kilz Original oil-based spray primer.

This stuff is expensive, but it’s amazing! Oil primer is always a good option for coverage, durability, etc, and it’s so nice not to have to worry about clean up, especially with such a small project. After the primer was dry, I sanded again to smooth out the grittiness from the primer.


Then I used a DIY antique white chalk paint and a custom mixed grayish purple chalk paint for the letters. (Remember you can put latex paint over oil-based primer, just not directly over oil paint.) After several coats of chalk paint and 24 hours of dry time, I applied a thin coat of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax with cheese cloth and buffed it. This just provides a little added protection and makes the finish feel smoother and less chalky.


And here’s the finished product along with the books we found.


My sister-in-law posted this picture on Facebook of the bookends and some of the books in Avelea’s room. I think they turned out so cute, but it looks like she might run out of room for books soon! She’s going to be such a smart little girl after all that reading! Well, ok, she’ll at least know all her farm animals and be able to distinguish a red fish from a blue fish. Very important life skills, don’t you think?


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