DIY Christmas gift tags

Alright, so this post a little late, but better late than never, right? And as this pertains to our gift wrap choices for our Christmas gifts, I wanted to wait until after we’d distributed gifts so as not to show all my family what their gifts looked like. Well, it’s a good excuse, anyway. 🙂

So this year we wanted to try something a little different. Wrapping paper can get really expensive, and we just wanted to do something a little more unique. So we got the idea to wrap our gifts in white paper and to make our own wooden gift tags. Our neighbors cut down a huge tree several months ago and pretty much just left it in their yard, so we made the most of a bad situation and borrowed some limbs. I’m sure they won’t miss them.

Andrew used a skil saw to cut disks out of 2 to 3″ thick branches, and then drilled a hole in each disk using a Dremel tool.


Then he sanded both sides of every disk. This was probably the hardest part (and the part that scared me, which is why I didn’t offer to help). He used our orbital sander, but of course it’s hard to sand such a small surface that you can’t get a good grip on. He did his best, and luckily didn’t injure himself. I call that a success!


Using latex paint that we already had sitting around (and boy, do we have a lot sitting around!), we painted designs on one side of each piece with craft brushes…while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate. It really was all very festive. We did several different designs like snowmen, stylized Christmas trees, and snowflakes (including 1 snowman whose head had fallen off, specially designed by Andrew for one of his brothers.)



But we couldn’t just stick the rustic, wooden tags on shiny gift wrap, now could we? We wanted something simple and understated that would make the tags stand out, hence the white paper. But it’s actually kind of hard to find rolls of white paper, so we finally landed on freezer paper since we were already buying some. The only problem is that the roll isn’t super long, so we did have to wrap a few of the bigger gifts with regular wrapping paper.


We added a cute ribbon to each gift: red and white striped for the boys and blue and white chevron for the girls (and hemp for the dog). We want didn’t want to be too traditional with red and green. And actually there was a surprising shortage of cute, green ribbon!




We tied each tag through the bow using hemp and wrote the person’s name on the other side with an extra fine tip brown Sharpie.



We 0nly paid about $5 for the roll, but we used it on all our gifts plus over 30 rolls of cookie dough, and we still have plenty left! Seemed pretty cost effective to me! Besides, there’s just something so fun about a package all wrapped up in white paper. 🙂



After it was all said and done, we ended up with quite a few extra gift tags, too. Next year we want to do a DIY Christmas tree, and these will be our first ornaments!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

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