Curtain crazed

I apologize for the severe lack of posting lately, but we were out of town for Thanksgiving and last week we were gone on a vacation with my family to Destin, Florida. Here’s me and my sister (can you tell?) at the beach. 🙂

We had a great time, but now we have to do some major catching up to do on Christmas shopping, decorating, and laundry (blech), and we have several more trips coming up soon. Who knows if any house stuff will get done over the next month! I’m going to take a wild guess here and say probably not. Besides, I think December should be a freebie anyway. No pressure to get anything done except Christmas stuff, including drinking lots of hot chocolate and watching cheesy Lifetime Christmas movies. Yeah, I do that. And I hate myself for it. Moving on…

Before all of the craziness of the past 2 weeks, we spent a little time working on our guest bedroom. As you may recall, a few months ago it looked something like this.

There were 2 different colors on the walls (neither of which was really a true “accent” color), an incredibly uneven and yellowed popcorn ceiling complete with glowing stars, paint along all the edges, and a really ugly ceiling fan with only one light! Also, notice the white spots on the wall from that very first week we lived here and Andrew though he should go ahead and use up the extra mud he’d made since we’d be painting those rooms anyway. Little did we know it wouldn’t be for a whole year! After a 3 day weekend and tons of work scraping, painting, and redoing trim, we transformed it into this.

Not much to write home about, but we were so excited about the smooth, white ceiling, crisp, clean trim, and a solid color with no holes, nails, screws or anchors in the walls. Now it just needs some decorating! Everything that’s in there now is pretty much just leftover stuff: random lamps that I’m not sure how we acquired, the side tables that were in our living room in our college housing, the comforter that used to be in our bedroom, etc. I don’t want this room to be the room of leftovers and so I’ve had my eye out for something to warm up the room and make it look a little more loved.

When we were at World Market a few months back looking at the honeycomb light fixture for our master bedroom, we saw these curtains (called the Yarrow Curtain).

Even before we touched this room, I wanted to have yellow accents, so when we stumbled across these I knew I had to get them! Plus I have done so much curtain hunting (in a vain attempt to find some for our master, which, by the way, is still curtain-less) and found that cute, affordable curtains are super hard to come by! We snatched up 2 of them (on sale for $29.99) and picked up 2 packets of curtain hooks at Lowe’s. Personally, I hate rod pockets or tabs because they’re just not easy to open and close. And I am the type of person who actually likes to open and close curtains on a daily basis. Plus, the curtain rings/hooks add a tiny bit of height.

We already had a black curtain rod that we bought at a garage sale long ago, so yay for getting another random thing out of our garage! I wanted to space the rod far enough apart that the curtains could sit on either side of the window. You know what they say about that! Don’t hang the rod so that the curtains sit in front of the window. Maximize the window by hanging them directly on either side. Our rod was long enough, but it was stretched to the max causing the middle to bow downward. We weren’t crazy about that, so we wrapped some scotch tape around the part that would sit just inside the other rod.

We just kept adding tape (so long as it will still fit inside) until the rod looked straight across.

To determine the correct height, we attached one of the curtains and Andrew held it up while I directed where it should go. I wanted the rod to be as high as possible while still ensuring that the curtain pooled on the ground. I think a little pooling at the bottom makes the curtain look more luxurious and not so “oh it was just barely long enough but I couldn’t afford to buy the 96″ curtains.” Though I can also see the argument for a tiny bit of clearance at the bottom to avoid dragging it in dust. Or in my case, cat hair. Oh well.

Here’s the finished product. See the pooling at the bottom?

Once we got them up, I couldn’t quite decide if it was too much or not enough…it just didn’t seem quite right. I realized it was because them touching at the bottom affects the way the middle section hangs. They’re a fairly thick, stiff material and likely still have sizing in them making them even more stiff, so at some point I might try washing them to see if it softens the lines just a bit.

We also had to completely sand and repaint the window sill. It was flaking, bumpy, yellowed…nasty nasty nasty. And it had writing on it that was clearly an adults handwriting. Who makes notes on a window sill?

But look how pretty it turned out! Nice and white. 🙂

I just love the way the curtains look with the wall color. The grey is a fairly cool color (which we wanted because of the floors), but the curtains are just the touch of warmth and dimension that the room needed to feel more comfortable.

I also love the touches of gray in the curtains that ties them in nicely to the wall color and the darker grey chandelier.

Unfortunately, I’m not crazy about the way the curtains and the comforter look together. They look better in person (less yellow), but still not the ideal combo. For now it works, and we’ll just keep taking little steps towards a complete room as our budget allows. Next on the list is probably the bedding!


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