A seagull statement

I know it may not seem like a big deal to some people, but we finally put another thing on our walls and I’m so proud! You see, when we moved in we decided to go room by room, scraping and painting ceilings, repainting baseboards, and painting walls in each room. As such, we sort of got this mentality that there was no sense in putting anything up on the walls until we’d done all of that in each respective room. BUT as we know full well now, everything takes longer that you think.

We’ve lived here for over a year and while we’ve scraped a few rooms, this house still has plenty of popcorn. And also very little hanging on the walls…probably 3 things, to be exact. So we’ve thrown our naive optimism out the window and decided we need to start acting as though we live here. Our hallway, in particular, was looking quite drab and bare (and it is still popcorned), so when we rediscovered this little garage sale find while organizing our disastrous office closet, we figured we ought to take the initiative to hang them right then and there.

We bought these little seagulls at a garage sale last summer, and I’m not sure what it was about them, but I immediately knew they needed to come live in my hallway. Sadly they took a 4 or 5 month detour in the closet, but now they’re back on track.

I wanted them for our hallway in particular because we have a lot of doors in our hallway, which means teeny slivers of wall where nothing big will fit. I didn’t want to hang a bunch of picture frames, cause I feel like that wouldn’t create very much visual interest with all of the framed doorways. Obviously, these are a very unique, non-square shape, so they break up the boxiness of the two door frames. We found the perfect place for them just outside the door to our guest bedroom.

I love that they hang just slightly away from the wall, giving them a cool 3d look. I also opted not to paint them a different color. Don’t get me wrong, obviously from my little furniture painting hobby you can see that I like the look of painted stuff, but to create dimension in our decor I want a balance between wood tones and painted pieces. Since I often prefer paint to stain (unless the wood grain is particularly beautiful), I love that these allow me to incorporate a few more wood tones into our house without making a commitment to a big piece of stained furniture.

I also love that they look as though they’re trying to fly away into our guest bedroom. I would, too. It’s quite serene in there. 🙂

They really have a very “mid-century modern” feel to them, which happily coordinates with a few of our other furniture and decor choices. And I firmly believe a few touches of wood tones can work wonders to create dimension and warmth in a space. Our hallway feels so much happier and more welcoming with our little seagull friends.

P.S. I’m posting this from Destin, Florida (on vacation with the family) and now that I’ve been reacquainted with seagulls and the ocean, I love them even more!


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