A simple fall centerpiece

I love big fancy centerpieces, covered with leaves, pinecones, berries, sticks, candles, and all that jazz. But, we have a teensy weensy itty bitty table that we bought for our first itty bitty house, and it just cannot contain a magnificent fall centerpiece. Not to mention my dislike of spending lots of money on very temporary decorations…So instead of going out and buying a centerpiece or buying items to make one, I figured I could make use of some leftover glass bottles we had lying around.

First, I removed the labels and sticky residue with Goo Gone and then washed away the oil with dish soap. Then I mixed up some custom chalk paint in fall colors. In my opinion, it is easier to paint glass with chalk paint than with a straight latex, and it’s easier to make it textured. I used one of those cheapo natural bristle brushes that you can buy for like 99 cents to paint the bottles.

I keep a few of these brushes on hand to use with stains or paint/stain stripper so I don’t have to feel guilty about throwing them away afterwards. I usually don’t use them for any painting projects, but in this case, I wanted brush strokes. I ended up doing about 3 coats on the two colored bottles, just to make sure the color didn’t show through, and did 2 on the other.

The paint dries so quickly that it really doesn’t take long to coat them each a couple of times. By the time you’ve re-coated the others and washed and dried the brush you can practically paint them again!

These are great for my miniature table because they really don’t take up much space, but add plenty of height.

I also love the texture of the natural bristle brush combined with the chalk paint.

If you want more texture, you can let the chalk paint thicken up a little before painting, or you can paint the surface and then drag the paint brush over it again after it’s had a few minutes to dry.

I could only scrounge up 3 empty glass containers, but I think it would be fun to do lots of glass containers in different shapes and sizes (if I had a bigger table, of course). I wonder if one can ever have too many painted glass bottles? I’ll have to start collecting!


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