A Picture Perfect Halloween Costume

Ok, so some might consider our Halloween costume this year a cop out costume. You know, the kind where you don’t actually want to dress up but you still need to be able to say that you are something? Personally, we thought it was clever, but it also meant we were able to just wear normal clothes. Coming up with costumes always seemed so much easier growing up. Walk into the storage closet with all of your parents’ old sentimental clothes…automatic costume! But now that we’re living on our own, have only been married for 3 years, and in that time have had several garage sales, we just don’t have costume-worthy stuff laying around. What we do have, though, is scrap wood, lots of paint, and cardboard.

So, we decided to be a Polaroid picture! We started by making a thin wooden frame for the back, since no matter what piece of cardboard we used, it would have at least one fold/crease.

We happen to have 2 pallets just sitting out in our backyard (yes, our backyard is a disaster, and the pallets are the least of our concern!), so Andrew took 3 planks off of one, cut the thicker board in half, and then stapled/nailed them together.

Then we cut out the cardboard frame. The sides and top edge were the same width (about 3″ wide) and, and we made the bottom about 10″ wide. It’s not the exact proportions (which we were nerdy enough to look up), but it’s really close and it fit on our cardboard.

We stapled the cardboard to the wooden frame using a heavy duty staple gun. The more staples the better cause the paint makes the cardboard buckle just a bit.

Then we painted it with two coats of a flat white ceiling paint.

Once the paint was dry, I hand-painted the words “Halloween 2012” on the bottom, as if the picture had been taken that night and then labeled. Seriously, way more work than it was probably worth to hand-paint the words, but if you can believe it, we don’t currently have a thick black sharpie that isn’t mostly dried out. Nor do we have any markers. Oh, the horror!

And there you have it! Our homemade Polaroid costume! (Forgive the iPhone picture).

What do you think? Clever or a cop out? Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

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