Our tribute to Roger

*If you’ve never heard about our neighborhood peacock, Roger, you might want to read up on his story before proceeding. We introduced him this spring, and then unfortunately a few months later Roger was no more.*

Ever since Roger’s tragic and untimely death, I’ve been noticing peacock stuff everywhere! Plates, paintings, sculptures, wreaths, you name it. So I figured we needed to have a peacock something in our house to remind us of Roger and to go along with this new trend. I’d seen so many peacock things, but no one thing had really grabbed me until a few weeks ago at Gordman’s. It practically jumped off the shelf into my arms, looked up into my eyes (even though it has no eyes?), and begged me to take it home.

So without further ado, meet our ceramic, stylized, turquoise peacock, Roger II.

True to Gordman’s slogan, it was something unexpected! I liked this way better than the cheesy fake peacocks covered in feathers and a lot of other things that were just too literal for me.

He doesn’t really have a dedicated spot just yet, so for now he just floats around, spreading joy to the masses. Or maybe just me.

I love having things in my house that have stories. And even though this particular piece isn’t old, hand made, or a garage sale find, there’s still a personal (and kind of funny) story behind it that’s important to us. We love having reminders of life experiences sprinkled throughout our house. Plus he’s just cheerful and makes me smile. 🙂

One Response to Our tribute to Roger

  1. Ashleigh October 25, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    “Spreading joy to the masses”… love it! It’s an awesome conversation piece if anyone ever asks what it is. And like you mentioned, I like the peacock-ish-ness without it actually having peacock feathers. So cute!