Acorn decor

I love the idea of seasonal decorations, but they’re always so expensive, especially considering you can only use them for a few months out of the year. Really, seasonal items should be priced at about 1/4 the cost of other comparable “year round” items, don’t you think?

When I was down in Little Rock helping my mom with her kitchen cabinets (hopefully after pictures will be coming soon once they receive the rest of the hinges), I noticed they have tons of acorns in their front yard and my mom had brought some inside to use as a decoration in her entryway. Free decorations are the best kind, so I gathered up a bunch of acorns and brought them home with me. As they start to dry out, the nut part usually separates from the little cap, so after letting them dry out for several days I glued a cap back on each acorn with a small dot of super glue, threw them in a little bowl, and that was that.

I chose this white dish for contrast and put them on the radio cabinet next to our front door…since I don’t have an entryway (boo).

I also like the idea of painting the acorns white and putting them in a darker container, but I don’t have very many acorns this year, so maybe I’ll try that next time.

If you use acorns inside, be sure to let them dry out until there is no green left on them before piling them up or they can start to mold!
Andrew thought it was weird at first and was definitely questioning me on this. Once it was done, though, he couldn’t stop talking about how much he liked them!

I also love this little owl figurine! The colors are perfect for fall, and he’s just so cute! Better yet, he was 25 cents at a garage sale.

I love coming up with my own decorations and feeling like I put some thought into it, instead of just going out and buying stuff. Although sometimes buying stuff is just so much easier. Hopefully next I’ll be able to think of a wreath I can make with things I have on hand!

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